Vodafone Galaxy S Warranty Voided if Updated to Official Firmware


vodafone-2When new Samsung Galaxy S firmware became available via Samsung’s own KIES, an interesting discussion surrounding the update popped up along with the revelation that Vodafone users employing the update will void their warranty. The issue is that if Vodafone does not expressly approve a firmware update the warranty from Vodafone is voided, even if the update comes from an official manufacturer source like KIES.

While the caveat is no doubt in place to deter installation of custom ROMs and hacked software, it sets up an interesting debate. It probably wouldn’t be too hard for Vodafone to include a clause in their Warranty that allowed for official manufacturer updates, and they have been known to budge at the larger cries from their customers. When a new update to the Desire brought users bloatware rather than Froyo, Vodafone promised to remove the unwanted software along with the upgrade to Android 2.2, hopefully they will listen to Galaxy S owners upset by voided warranties thanks to company policies.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. well root it, get rit of the vodafone software and then it is not a problem? gues they don’t like that either

  2. Screw Vodafone, with Odin, Samsung’s Flashing and Repair Software, this phone is practically invincible. You can not brick it! The only thing the warranty would help with is physical damage. If you are careful, this shouldn’t happen.

  3. Hello everyone,

    I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve looked into this further and have provided an update here: http://bit.ly/bnFfds.

    Many thanks,

    Web Relations Team
    Vodafone UK

  4. The point is that if you buy the phone in the UK, if you bought your phone direct from vodafone you have a contract with them and they cannot exclude the Sale of Goods Act 1979 – the warranty is irrelevant to this Act. It is highly unlikely in my view that a court would criticize a consumer for using an official manufacturer update – especially if the purpose of the update was to fix bugs or “lags” in the item purchased to start with and so if you had a problem with the phone whether related to the upgrade or not you would have a case for a repair or replacement of your device because the phone sold to you should be of “satisfactory quality” and “fit for the purpose” (see section 14 Sale of Goods Act) and that purpose should include being able to receive manufacturer updates to fix known bugs and issues without the phone going wrong – and if you have a problem with the phone that is not related to your upgrading of firmware, then VF is on even weaker ground in my view.

    In summary VF warranty is not the issue provided you have a direct contract with Vodafone for the purchase of the phone and you should argue for a right to a repair or replacement in the event of a fault or problem that renders the core functions of the phone unusable. Dont forget this is a luxury product and so you should be able to use it comfortably and with style. Bugs are inevitable of course but they should be minor – this was not a beta release device it was sold and marketed as a flagship and finished product!

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