Samsung Galaxy Portal on T-Mobile UK to See Android 2.1 Next Month


With Froyo being all the rage these days, it is sometimes easy to forget that some devices aren’t even up on Android 2.1 yet. Such is the case for the oft forgotten Samsung Galaxy Portal. The Portal launched with Android 2.1 when released on Three’s network, but the T-Mobile UK variant has been stuck behind the times with Android 1.5. It seems a no-brainer that the update should have been available for the TMo handset sooner, but this is the world of Android updates we are talking about, don’t forget.


Luckily a representative from TMo UK chimed in to reveal the Portal on their network would be getting its Android 2.1 update within the next month. So Portal owners, you are only weeks away from joining the rest of the world waiting for Froyo updates (that is if the Portal even gets it0.

[via EuroDroid]

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