Android Color E-Reader Coming From PocketBook



With the recent tablet boom, e-readers have fallen into a bit of blind area. Generally they aren’t as capable as tablet devices of a similar size and don’t offer the same bang for your buck. A few companies are moving towards fuller-featured e-reading devices, one such being PocketBook, a company that will bring a 7-inch color TFT display reader running on Android 2.0.

The PocketBook IQ will be available in various case colors, but not much else is known. It has been a while since we have seen Android 2.0 on a device, and while it isn’t the latest or greatest it should provide a deeper experience than a standard e-reader.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. If it’s made as an e-book reader…..shouldn’t it be eInk?

  2. @JC good question.

  3. @JC – no. eInk is just one possible implementation choice for e-book readers. You might think it’s the best choice, others might not…

  4. An LCD ereader is just another name for “seriously underpowered tablet”.

    E-ink, or I’m not interested.

  5. I read a study that all book reading, whether done on a computer, on a Kindle (with that e-ink display), or on a cell phone is about 80% slower than a book. Researchers don’t know why, but every form of electronic reading has been slower by about the same speed.

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