Bell’s HTC Legend Already Hitting End of Life Due to Supply Constraints


Oh, AMOLED, how you are single-handedly able to kill a product off because you can’t be produced fast enough truly amazes me. This time, the AMOLED-equipped HTC Legend for Bell in Canada is getting the axe due to “supply constraints”. While they didn’t offer up any details on what components are causing the constraints, we’d venture to guess that nice display Samsung makes is the main culprit.

It seems they can’t produce enough of these to go around, still. HTC’s already changed up their assembly line to weed the more-potent (in terms of supply) Super LCD into their already-released AMOLED devices, but I imagine carriers like Bell simply have no interest in dealing with trying to introduce a new SKU (especially considering the rate at which new devices are being released these days, mainly from HTC).


The device still exists on Bell’s site (as we expect it’ll remain there for quite some time as a visible support hub for current owners that may run into problems), but there is absolutely no way to purchase it from what we could tell. It’s a shame that the HTC Legend’s lifespan expired so early. While it may not be the most powerful phone on the block, it’s definitely one of the more nicer looking devices and – thanks to its aluminum unibody design – one of the better built handsets in HTC’s lineup.

Bell’s suggestion for anyone wanting to grab the HTC Legend up? Buy a different Android phone. While the affordable Motorola DEXT (Cliq) and the Samsung Galaxy might not be up your alley if you fancy a high-end device, they do have that nice Samsung Vibrant (which looks more like the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S) to choose from.

[via MobileSyrup]

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