Dell Streak Making its Way to Asia in Early 2011



If the wait for the Dell Streak in the United States seemed long after it was freely available in Europe, just imagine the pangs of those in Asia lusting after the monster phone. During a phone interview with reporters, Steve Felice of Dell spoke on the matter. “We have not yet announced the expansion plans for Streak in Asia,” he said, “I suspect the early part of next year we’ll see that product.” Early part of next year? By that time the Streak may be feeling antiquated in a market flooded with tablets, especially if Dell is slow to get updates onto the device that is currently selling with Android 1.6.

In other Dell in Asia news, Felice mentioned that the Dell Aero is likely to be out around Asia before the end of this year to bring a more traditional phone form factor to the continent.

[via PC World]

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  1. I wasn’t waiting for it. And dell IS slow with updates. Anyone remember the Axim series?

  2. Still waiting on a Canadian release date.

  3. I don’t know how but a person is already selling it in India on ebay in 25900 INR ($560 approx). checkout

  4. Ironic since its made in asia. Screen might be big, but res is same as n1 so i don’t see the point…

  5. Dam….this does not look good for dell…seems like they should have put more to this thing then they did…maybe that’s there plains for the new tablet…phones

  6. Mindo, the point is pretty clear when you see the Kindle App running on both a Nexus One and Dell Streak.


  8. Someone one will tell me the price of the phone.

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