AppBrain Gets UI Overhaul, Adds in New Sorting Methods



AppBrain brought about a much appreciated overhaul to their user interface today, providing a much cleaner and organized look for easy navigation and location of new apps. Along with the new interface, new sorting options are geared towards helping users narrow down search results to the most relevant content. New options include sorting by popularity in a specific country, across a certain age group, or among genders. These can further be divided down based on pricing, recent updates, and new releases among other things.

AppBrain is definitely making strides with their service that for many has become the de facto way to manage Android applications on a computer. These new changes give a big boost to the service, even with an overhauled official Android Market site from Google knocking at the door.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Still waiting for the official web interface for the market. I bet it will only be supported on 2.2..

  2. I noticed the changes first thing this morning, even before I realized I could update my Droid X to 2.2

  3. my market is not working at all says no matching content in android market…. 2.2 on evo!! just started right now???

  4. It’s still extremely slow, though.

  5. appbrain is one of the best things that has happened to Android platform

  6. Great sorting feature finally, but i wish this sort could be like a filter so you can sort by people in the U.S , in their Thirties for example. Appbrain is just elite!

  7. Still no sorting (price,ratings,size) on searches. Wish the market would have that. No filters on searches either.

  8. Is not immediately on the 3.0 yet? Do not know whether support?

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