Android Users Less Faithful in Relationships, Says Questionable Study



Who doesn’t love the strange? A little extramarital coitus. You know what I’m talking about. Android users, iPhone users. We can’t get enough of it, or that’s what one study conducted by is reporting. As a point of reference, AshleyMadison is a service geared towards helping those in relationships to find individuals with which to cheat on their significant others. So using their site traffic data, they have determined that out of the 305,623 thousand of those visiting the smarmy, no-good, lying, cheating version of OKCupid on their smartphones, 143,000 were Android users while a smaller slice at 114,000 pocket the iPhone on a daily basis.

But as MobileCrunch is quick to point out, aside from the figures being presented by a company based around cheating being dubious at best, if you perform a few more calculations you will find that Android users are really no more likely to cheat at all. MobileCrunch calculates that based on 75 million Android users and 60 million iPhone users, when the AshleyMadison figures are converted into percentages of total users on a platform both operating systems end up with a rate of 0.19 percent cheaters.

And we shouldn’t even need to go into discussions on how the percentage of cheating partners using a service like AshleyMadison represent a small slice of the unfaithful as a whole, and we just can’t put much stock into the figures. Besides, we all know a hardcore Android user would be more upset with their partner if they cheated on Google’s OS and started using an iPhone rather than slept with their best friend after a wild drunken night at a party. Yeah. Right.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Slow news day huh?

  2. You have to wonder if cheater’s have a certain age demographic as well.

  3. 1. Domino wrote on August 20, 2010

    Slow news day huh?


  4. Wow, this completely contradicts the “iPhone has more sex pertners than Android” study. I’d say it’s all bullshit.

  5. Oh gawd wtf. Both on this and the fact I saw their ad on the tv. I was like wtf! really? on tv? Sheesh.

  6. If it were accurate, it would make sense since Apple people are conditioned to live with shortcomings and patiently wait to get the things they need. Android people always looking at what the next model has to offer.
    Just kidding guys, shop with your hearts :)

  7. How come there hasn’t been an article on how many…um “sexual parters” Smart phone users get? BEcause I was pretty disappointed out of iphone,blackberry and android, android users were on the bottom D:

  8. I prefer my penis to be open source.

  9. This makes no sense…
    According to the other poll
    Iphone users have more partners on average, but Android users are less faithful. Uhhh, kinda contradicting.
    Talk about some kind of smut campaign being put out against Android.

  10. @mudcrock1000 More sex partners is not necessarily a good thing..

  11. “Oh my dearest, my love for you is deeper tha..”
    /installs 2.2
    “Why, hellllloooo there!!”

  12. OK, I used a droid and married. I guess I can go find a hot chicks and cheat tonight… after all tonight is friday night. According to surveys, it’s the most cheat night as well.. so there u have it, most cheat phone and most cheat days.. so what else do i need…oohh yeah trojan, the most cheat condom…. :_|

  13. @Patrick – surely your penis would be open-sores?

  14. It’s because of domestic arguments over who will root, who won’t, which one got the latest push and which didn’t…

  15. @Michael Hahaha! That comment was pure gold.

    Thumbs up, man. But seriously, this study sounds like BS!

  16. Android fans are always ditching their phone for the newest shiny one 2 months later… might have to agree with the hypothesis ;)

  17. It starts with a little porn. Than it goes to phone sex. Than onward to titty bars. Than to escorts. Onwards to hookers. It’s all cheating . If we really look deep into all the cheating you will find that’s what caused all the problems this country is facing. I cheat a little here, they cheat a little there. Before you know it were all FUUKED. THANK YOU TO ALL YOU CHEATERS..whether your an I-head or an Andyroid

  18. Just want to point out that while the OKCupid study claims to show that Iphone users have more sex…it actually shows that Iphone users CLAIM to have more sex. Whether or not their boasting is true is unknown but I say its more likely that Iphone users are just loud mouthed hipsters who talk more than they act! :-D

  19. The fact that there are sites like AshleyMadison is why other countries hate us. Anyone remember what morality looks like?

  20. you actually gave them attention??? stupid.

  21. Or, unlike Apple fanboys, we see people and products for what they are and don’t delude ourselves into thinking that one thing/person is the end all/be all of our existence no matter what evidence might exist to the contrary???

  22. Its because of those evil porn apps Steve Jopbs tried to warn us about.

  23. While you are downloading the latest apps I am flirting with your girl.

  24. Wow another one? Hey, i have something u can report! Tmobile has just naught out verizon! Seriously, its true! And now google owns the rights to all the sand in iraq. So what my sources tell me, google has wmd’s and americans will by smart phones and have sex, and some will be unfaithful. Now, i don’t want my identity out there. So i will be your anonymous info ninja. Oh, verizon will control the US govt in five years. Then everyone will have sex! But not as much as steve jobs. He has iwood. Its currently in beta.
    Sincerely, info ninja


  26. Well, they didn’t ask my husband and I who are happily married and both have DX’s. Maybe the way to keep a relationship healthy is to make sure you *both* upgrade phones at the same time…to help eliminate jealousy. :)

  27. AshleyMadison website creators are f-ing idiots. It takes a sick mind to come up with that concept.

  28. cheating is not the right word for it. People are so inconsistent. We preach darwinism in this country and yet we want monogamous relationships
    That’s being inconsistent. If you really want to practice survival of the fittest, go have sex with as many people as you can folks. Just don’t call it cheating, call it what it really its, survival.

  29. [insert] rant about how society shuns anything that isn’t condoned by the highest controlling power of the time and that people have free choice to do whatever they want be it cheating or monogamy. [/insert]

    stop pushing your ideas on people because you THINK you’re right.
    (points out irony that I’m pushing my ideals on you)

  30. Seriously, how does your phone preference translate to your fidelity or sexy life? Did these guys or gals seriously have nothing better to do? Honestly, I call this a load of bullpuckey. Next!

  31. How many of you went to the ashley madison website because of this article? This isn’t a news story, you’ve been cleverly duped by a press release with controversial statistics.

  32. Who gets paid to do this shit? I really would like to know… can I have your job? LOL

  33. My guess is that anyone who religiously posts on phandroid doesn’t have to worry about getting a strange piece of ass. Start with any piece of ass first!

  34. news worthy bull5417 statistic?

    what a waste of electrons.

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