Toshiba Cooking Up an Android Tablet for October Release


toshiba-logoName a tech company that has anything to do with computers, smartphones, or portable consumer electronics, and I bet we can find at least one bit of information suggesting they are working on an Android tablet. Go ahead and count Toshiba among the many promising upcoming tablet experiences using Google’s open-source mobile OS. The good thing is this next batch actually looks pretty exciting, with many — including this new Toshiba device — said to be running NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset. The only other information known about Toshiba’s entry into the tablet-sphere is that it will feature a 10-inch display and should be hitting shelves by October.

It looks like right around the holiday season will be the period to watch for the Android tablet revolution. That is when numerous manufacturers are slated (pun intended) to release their first tablet offerings running the little green guy. Motorola, Samsung, and now Toshiba are just a few that are promising rather high-end and seemingly polished tablet experiences. It is hard to say with so little known about any of these devices, but if any tablet is going to be a break through for Android it is bound to be counted among those being released this fall.

[via DigiTimes]

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  1. Will it have Android 2.2 with access to the market and will adobe flash 10.1 be available for download and install?

  2. cant wait for branded android tablet to be available at the shelve..tired with china pawn android tablet..
    dell, asus, msi , now toshiba..this market will be big for sure..

  3. Slow down there james. We gotta make sure the bootloader is incredibly locked :P

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