Official Confirmation that the Droid Incredible Won’t be Seeing Froyo Today



If you have been holding your breath ever since rumors started spreading last week that the Droid Incredible would be seeing Android 2.2 today, go ahead and let out that big sigh of disappointment. It ain’t happening. That’s the word from @VZWSupport on Twitter. More than that, if there is an update coming soon Verizon is staying tight-lipped on it. Either that or they really have no definitive timeframe for when the update will be offered.

We wish we could bring better news for the countless owners of a handset that up until recently was quite hard to come by thanks to overwhelming demand. As always we’ll keep our ear to the ground for any rumblings and rumors that might shed some light on what exactly is going on with Froyo for the Incredible.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Thinking about rooting…….just wonder how easy it is to unroot, and if there are any stable roms with gps and everything else working…. any suggetions?

  2. Come on already, Verizon! Why the delay and why the lack of information?

  3. Damn. And my Incredible just arrived today and it’s awaiting activation… :(

  4. Recommend skyraider 2.5.2 everything works.

  5. @Bon all those questions can be answered in full if you take a perk into the forums.

  6. I didn’t expect it for a second. I love the phone to pieces, but I am highly disappointed by the apparent lack of support for it, ie: ACCESSORIES. I cannot fathom why virtually no decent accessories have been developed for this handset. Had I known, I would never have purchased it.

  7. Yet the site-link lovers and their disciples will still not accept it. Rubes beyond infinity.

  8. Verizon has seriously disappointed with their unfulfilled promises, bloatware, incredibly slow updates, and releases of bug-ridden phones like the Droid X and then taking months to fix the bugs. I know I will be switching to T-mobile once that G2 is available.

    When I returned my Droid X in-store, and said one of my reasons for returning it was the non-functioning WiFi, the guy said “you don’t need WiFi, we’ve got the biggest network and unlimited data.” And so far as I know, Motorola hasn’t even confirmed wifi doesn’t work with some common configurations. So don’t expect a fix anytime soon…

  9. With CyanogenMod 6 RC3 out, there’s no reason to wait for Verizon’s official 2.2 update… IMO :)

  10. Not a good selection of roms and devs for that matter for the incredible…

  11. If no Froyo today for the DInc, then WHEN? Doesn’t anyone have a valid source. WTF! Verizon you do nothing but disappoint your customers.

  12. and this is why the droid X wins
    moto might not be good at interfaces but at least they can push updates at a proper pace

  13. Hahajaja incredibly horrible

  14. @Bon Iver rooting is easy, use unrevoked. Unrooting is as easy as flashing the stock rom back on.

  15. I just want the froyo for my Driod X. I am getting sick of waiting. You would think that Verizon keeps their newest phones updated with the latest updates.

  16. Using Skyraider 2.5.2 – Everything works and works good! Flash already baked in the rom too.. so easy. And unrooting is just as easy as it was to root thanks to Unrevoked!

  17. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF? The DINC and the EVO are essentially the same phone and the EVO has Froyo but not the INC? Sounds like a Verizon problem to me and witched to Verizon from TMobile. Very disappointing.

  18. I thought I was getting froyo for my d1 today but nope!! I don’t think ima get it anymore

  19. I’m shocked…absolutely shocked. Now i’ll just wait for the next person to make up a date out of thin air.

  20. @Jaswinder Singh, at least if you had an incredible you could be running 2.2 as a community rom.

  21. I’m mostly anxious because I’m sick of the optical trackball bug (causing the cursor to spontaneously move while you’re typing) – HTC should have pushed out an update for that weeks ago! In fact, this phone should not have been released with such an obvious and annoying bug.

    This may be my first AND last HTC phone.

  22. I doesn’t care about the official 2.2 anymore. I am using skyraider vanilla with 2.15 radio and s-off. Working great.

  23. hahah.. I knew it.. When my friends told me that are you ready to get the 2.2. I told them I bet you anything VZW won’t push out the OTA on the 18th. They always do that B/S. So this is nothing of a shock to me.

  24. Has anything official ever been posted directly by Verizon to the public? If you are going to believe unofficial information then u set yourself up for disappointment. I dont know why everyone is so bent out of shape… I would rather it be a stable, working update rather than have problems and need to wait again for a patch. HTC said all devices launched this year will get it… so ww should get it soon. And BTW Im posting this on a Droid X using WI-FI and never loose signal anywhere in the house. Download speed over 10 Mbps on FIOS router.

  25. Disappointing, but not surprising. Glad to hear it’s official so I don’t have to anxiously play will they/wont they all day. The only problem I have with rooting for 2.2 is that none of them seem to have a working camcorder. They all seem to always force quit, obviously a stupid reason not to root, for one small app, but still kind of sucks. I’ll try out skyraider 2.5.2, tried a previous version before.

  26. Hahaha….I love hearing how much Verizon sucks. Especially when i read it on my evo running 2.2 and paying less than you guys….lol

  27. Who cares the update did not come through today. The Incredible is just that.INCREDIBLE! I have had mine since day 1 and never had any issues. When the update is ready it will be released.

  28. um… have any of you tried google? all this complaining that you haven’t got a ota yet? i read a droid 1 complaint…. i have had the original froyo you two weeks before they even decided to start the ota… you people have computers use them

  29. This is starting to remind me of the Nexus One rumor on Big Red… We all know how that turned out…

  30. Translated-We have information on the Froyo Release for the Droid Incredible, but we wish to keep you in the dark and guessing, as we don’t want to destroy the roar of the crowds for our new flagship devices, the Droid X and Droid 2. Please, continue to guess, but we will not let you know anything.

  31. Froyo for Incredible update will be released on 8/26.

    Mark my words….

  32. No big. My Incredible rocks with 2.1. I’m done with cooking ROMs, back in the day of my XV6700. My Incredible rocks now, and will most likely rock when 2.2 is rolled out.

  33. This phone has been the subject of rumor since day 1 so it came as no surprise to me when no update came today. I hunted and hunted when this latest rumor surfaced and never found another source….because there wasn’t any. It all came from one unsubstantiated post.

    Mostly my annoyance stems from the fact that when ordered the phone the salesperson assured me it already had WiFi hotspot and tendering, and it was included in my data plan. She flat out lied. The only thing that kept me from marching it back to the store for a refund is that it’s an amazing phone. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for froyo.

  34. I had a Dinc when it first came out waited a month for it and the speakers quit in 10 days,verizon gave me my money back let me use my early update on a droid x ,which is a nice phone.like it alot…waited another month for it..then 30 days later here is the d2 with 2.2 running on it..guess my lastest and greatest was just BS to sell me a phone..VERIZON GET OFF UR BUTT AND UPDATE ALL OF US!

  35. I run custom roms so the update isn’t as big a deal for me, but I know that they will get better once 2.2 is released through verizon and optimized for the DINC. I’ve been with red for 3 years with no issues, but this is really starting to rub the wrong way.

  36. If you’re not afraid of rooting your phone, then you can get your Froyo on. :)

    I agree with drizzle, SkyRaider 2.5.2 is the way to go. You can choose either the plain (Vanilla) option, which I did, or if you really like HTC Sense, then you can get that version as well…both options clean up all the bloatware VZW and HTC put on there too!

  37. Want froyo?
    Root, then run unrevoked forever, then load the latest 2.x radio, and then load adrynalyne’s third wave froyo rom.


  38. This must be the bitch post section.

  39. Rooted, s-off, and Froyo’d DInc. Loving every minute of it. Now to see what I can do my Droid X work phone.

  40. What the crap Verizon…the phone is already on high demand and no cool accessories for it (they love the MOTO Droid more…), and no 2.2 Froyo love for the Incredible phone?! This is just plain b*……

  41. The August 18th date was just a rumor, and has been stated as being such all over the Internet. When it does happen, it’ll be something phased in over a period of weeks, not something where every phone in the world will get the update at the same time, or even over a 24 hour period. My personal opinion: When it comes, it comes. My Droid Incredible is running just fine on 2.1-1 and I’ve been enjoying it since I first got it. I’m sure 2.2 will enhance the experience; but it’s not like I can’t use the phone or go on with living if I don’t have it. ;-)

  42. Yeh, I have the Incredible and I’m very disapointed with Verizon, but it could be worse and we could be bitching about this on the AT&T network with their crappy Droid phones. At least Verizon has good Droid phones.

  43. IronManCC, I’m with you 100%. Lack of 2.2 doesn’t bother me – I bought it with 2.1 and have been happy. My gripe is regarding a general lack of functional accessories.

  44. Ok so this is why the iPhone is a better paltform. Android has soo many updates out there to so many phones. You buy a phone and next week the software is out of date , the company sont update your phone it SUCKS. I mean come on where are all the green people there are gonna be a ton of useless phones out there.

  45. Whatever dude, iPhone sux! Verizon will ALWAYS be better than AT&T…

    Android > Apple

  46. My frustration is the lack of any response from Verizon, I’m seriously thinking about just rooting mine. I could wait if I knew they where even working on it, but without information I have no idea whats going on.

    I like my Incredible, it does everything I need, I just wish that Verizon, HTC and Google would find a better way to do these OTA’s so when new versions are released we don’t have to wait forever. I’m especially interested in Flash and the improved performance, Googles already releasing 2.2 only applications.

    I’m soooo closing to just rooting this thing, if Verizon or HTC would just come clean and give us *something* I’d be happy to wait….

  47. yea right froyo ,honeycomb , gingerbread. Hey you need a new phone. Get one that last.

  48. By the time the “official” FroYo OTA rolls out. Custom Gingerbread ROMs will be up and running. :-)

  49. I think i having mytouch deja vu.I jumped on DI from tmobile
    and getting same bs.No updates,no support wow :(

  50. Ohh and I forgot when you are doing all of that go ahead and do Unrevoked Forever and get S-off to fully unlock your phone!

  51. You folks need to stop bitching about the 2.2 upgrade.what did the 2.1 not do for you, that you guys need to cry. i had my INC. since day one. its perfecly fine. C’mon guys, dnt rush perfection, you inpatient sobbers giving us a bad name. Vzw will deliver with satisfaction. in due time. Nodout the 2.2 will be a kickass version. CHILLaX for now

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