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Like the other Samsung phones that carry the Galaxy branding but lack the modifier ‘S’ at the end, the Samsung Galaxy U will carry shades of the premier Android phone from the Korean manufacturer while not quite stacking up in other areas. That’s all well and good, really. Different strokes for different folks, as Samsung is covering almost every tier of the smartphone market in terms of form factors, pricing, and other features. Now we are beginning to get a better picture of where the Galaxy U fits in thanks to some specs revealed today.

The phone will be operable on J-CDMA and CDMA Rev. A networks. A 3.7-inch AMOLED Plus display comes in at a 480×800 resolution and a 1GHz S5PC111 chip will power an undisclosed version of Android. The AMOLED Plus screen is said to be an in-between from the standard AMOLED and Super AMOLED displays. A 5MP camera features autofocus and 720p HD video recording. Wireless connectivity includes Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0.

Keeping these features in mind we get a slightly smaller device that will rank just a smidge below the Galaxy S in terms of power and features. No word or pricing or availability comes along with these specs, and with new Galaxy phones coming out in every corner of the world we don’t want to even venture a guess at where the U will show up.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. Good idea for samsung to try to cover a large market. But it doenst seem to be that different than the S…but I know itll sell well

  2. Where I see it fitting in is at Sprint for customers wanting a mid-tier 3G Android phone that doesn’t carry the 4G ‘toll’ of $10 or more, depending on your plan, if you go with the Epic. I also think it’s a pretty safe bet, if Sprint picks this Galaxy U phone up, it’ll be cheaper than what they charge for the Epic which is the most expensive Android phone on the marktet.

  3. Man.. I am not even touch the Galaxy S yet the new version already been revealed?
    Damn fast phone tech!
    anyway I am planning to get android soon..so Galaxy S or HTC Evo4?

  4. Bluetooth 3.0 :o Very nice.
    I’d like something along the lines of bluetooth 3.0, dual core processor (1.3ghz would be fine :P), android 2.2+, super amoled~, 8mp camera, 720p vid recording :D…4inch phone would be good enough.

    Anyone agree? :D (and about 5 hours battery life while in use would be perfect :P)

  5. yep totally agree with that spec just add a front facing camera for wifi video chats and ill be camped outside

  6. I love samsung phones. They’re so sleek and good-looking!! One bad thing about them however is the OS and the lack of apps, doesn’t compare to where smartphones should. Perhaps samsung should consider making more android phones as the support available is increasing and truly beginning to challenge the iphone

  7. ^ ^Plus notification LED and working GPS. Im In.

  8. Will they bother to finally put a LED notification light & put a LED flash on the camera.

    If no To Both then FAIL.

  9. I really hope this comes to sprint. we really need a middle range phone in between the hero/moment/ and the epic/evo. i would much rather have this than any other sprint phone

  10. The CPU could also have a slower GPU than the Galaxy S models. It doesn’t mention this, but it would seem likely that it’s a Galaxy S model with scaled down graphics (both GPU and the screen). This would also allow them to put a smaller battery in the phone to lower cost and size further while getting the same battery life.

    Even with a slower GPU and a 3.7″ AMOLED Plus display it would be as fast as every non-Samsung Android out there and have a better looking display. Probably sell this like CRAZY to those looking for $350 phones instead of $500 phones.

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