Motorola Charm Coming August 25 for T-Mobile with “Affordable” Pricing



For those eager to get their hands on the Blackberry-esque Motorola Charm on T-Mobile, a tweet sent out by T-Mobile USA has made it known that your day is August 25th. The tweet didn’t get specific about a price, though it does generalize it as “affordable.” How affordable? Well we have seen various reports showing pricing that seems to vary from below $100 for the Charm all the way up to $189, and this pricing seems to vary by region. The same reports also mention a very cheap (about $15) smartphone plan to go along with the handset. Where the price ends up sitting and what sort of plans will be available only time will tell.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Its $74.99 with a 2-year contract.

  2. aug 25th is my birthday :D

  3. $9.88 at Wal-mart

  4. Why would this get a cheaper internet plan than the Cliq?

  5. timmyjoe42
    hardware prices have fallen. This is actually better than that crap flipout.

  6. @Ben
    If it’s better then why is the screen only qvga?

  7. I meant the design, much better looking than flipout which looks ugly. Consumers like good looking phones. Specs come later

  8. Ugly. Do not want.
    This and the Flip out are the ugliest looking phones in recent years.

  9. Do not touch this thing with a 10 foot pole. It will get no support and no updates from Motorola, just like the rest of the BloatoBlur phones. MotoFAIL!

  10. i think it’s cute

  11. I like the one handed form factor but i HATE motorola’s software AND hardware. always pass on Moto’s.

  12. I’m with T-Mo & this may be my next purchase. I really don’t need the highest-end, top-of-the-line, ZOMG Android phone. I’ve always loved the Blackberry keyboard. If it gets Blackberry-like battery life then it’s a done deal, I will be buying it. I hope it is at least upgradeable to 2.2 (officially.) An android phone that hold a charge for more than a day would be heaven.

  13. I do not trust Motorola phones that look like a Blackberry, not after my MotoQ, never again.

  14. This is a nice looking phone but it is true this phone will be stuck on a low os maybe 1.6 they won’t bother updating it as they did with the cliq other then that its a nice phone. I have the mytouch slide I like it but I want the vibrant but I’m waiting for the g2! Its coming soon

  15. It is $74.99 after $75 MIR… It does come with 2.1 out of the box.

  16. Just looked at the details and it comes with an extended battery and backdoor cover…guess it did have the battery issues that caused the delay.

  17. @Cookiedough. It comes with 2.1.

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