Has Your Droid Pulled Down the Upgrade to Android 2.2 Yet?


It’s August 18th, and that means – if the rumor was true – the rest of Verizon’s Motorola Droid customers should be seeing the upgrade to Android 2.2 today. Verizon did confirm that rollouts for the firmware upgrade would be resuming, but to be fair to them, they didn’t give a date to begin with: “within the next few weeks” is all we could muster from any official statement.


Many Droid users have already reported that their OTA was sent earlier this morning – with others sure to follow throughout the day – but don’t get too angry if your phone hasn’t gotten it by the time August 19th, 2010 12:00AM rolls around: these dates were all just rumors to begin with.

Oh, and the upgrade for you Droid Incredible faithful was rumored to begin today, as well, but we haven’t seen any reports of anyone receiving a notification to download an update OTA. Again, all of that was rumored so please keep the toolsheds and barns locked up before you hurt someone: it’s always funny until someone gets hurt… unless that someone is a clown.

(“It’s like downloading a new phone!”)

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  1. I still have not gotten the update yet, but my mom, who could care less about it, got it a few days ago.

  2. My Droid and I are still waiting to be visited by the Android fairy. I slept with it under my pillow last night, but when I woke up I discovered we had been passed by once again.

    On a serious note, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Wifi lately. Is it at all possible that the OTA update must be delivered via mobile data and not Wifi?

  3. I didn’t get mine yet and thought the same thing. Early yesterday evening I turned off WiFI and still no FroYo Fairy . . .

  4. @UncleMike most carriers actually request that you download while you’re using WiFi to speed the process up, ensure there are no problems with lost packets of data, and to keep easy on the bandwidth.

  5. Sort of annoyed that all of my friends in Philly have gotten it. I’m in CT and still haven’t. Does one neeed to be on 3G to get it or can it come over WiFi? I am so excited for the update; why won’t it come?

  6. I live in the outback of Wyoming and still no word of an update for my Incredible. Maybe I’ll herd some cows and check later.

  7. I personally know 3 people with droids. None of us have gotten it here in Cincinnati…

  8. I have a Droid X and still no sign of Froyo. :) I know I’m just bitchin’!

  9. Im all but certain the Incredible wont be getting some froyo today….

  10. Still nothing here either, Central Kentucky. :(

  11. I haven’t received the Android 2.2 yet for the Incredible here in NYC. I’ve event tried doing a forced checkin to see if it picks up any updates and it doesn’t. I noticed two people indicated that they have downloaded it, but I wonder if they did that to get others a bit upset.

  12. trying to install the update but it is stuck on the motorola logo screen…dont kniow what to do?

  13. Be careful what you wish for. I got mine last week and it was soooo laggy and buggy, even after power cycling. Had to do a master reset, that didn’t fix the redraw issues, and slow homescreen refresh. Finally did a master reset via the command prompt. That fixed it! MUCH better, and what I was expecting. Plz take note if you have this issue after 2.2 visits you.

  14. Still no update. My wife got it last Saturday and she said, “What is this thing about an update on my phone?”…oh the irony.

  15. I live in NJ and still no update for me either!

  16. Yea, and the Incredible isn’t going to get the update today either, BIG SURPRISE.


  17. I just got it 10 minutes ago in Tewksbury MA. Very disappointed that it does not come with Flash and is not available for d/l.

  18. I got the upgrade on my Droid last week. Can’t say I’m happy, tho. It keeps giving me “Connection Error” in my emails, won’t let me read them oldest-to-newest (default seems to be newest-to-oldest now and I can’t find where to change it), 2/3 of my Deskbell app doesn’t work now, and Twidroid is behaving oddly.

  19. Haven’t received my update yet. :(

  20. YAWN! Ive been rooted now for 2 months and have had froyo for 2 months. Had Adobe Flash and Wifi Teather for the same amount of time.

    Litium Mod ROM and Chevy’s 1.0 Ghz low volt kernel ROCK!

    ROOT and make it YOUR phone not the phone companies!

  21. My Moto D1 got the update in the early morning hours of Saturday, 8/14. My wife’s D1, also bought at the same time as mine last year, still didn’t have the update as of this morning. We’re in Jacksonville, FL.

  22. Yo Woody! I feel your pain! I wish there was some way we could f*ck over big red like they do us with these updates. How about we roll out our monthly payments to them in dribs and drabs like they do these updates?

  23. I got the update push and I’m not happy. used to be when I was in the dock … my screen stayed on, now its dark. I can’t seem to find the setting. That and dock screen (when it is on) is in what I consider an ugly format … and I can’t change that. Seems to be less customization available in this update. Can’t seem to operate it in the dock … I dock at work so I can do things independent of my work computer. When in browser, scrolling seems to enlarge text ???? Haven’t had much time to figure out how to get flash going .. if it even can. Not too happy with the upgrade right now and will be making a trip to Verizon about the settings stuff.

  24. so i jokingly clicked whats froyo in the survey….but as we speak im getting in on my phone and im from boston…YAY!!!

  25. are they just rolling out the first build or the second build? i updated to FRG01B a while ago, is this for the FR22 or whatever it is?

  26. WTF. no accessories, no froyo, no love. Why would someone buy a phone that will be faded out 6 months after release. Maybe HTC/Verizon need to learn a thing or two from Apple.

  27. Sometime shortly after midnight my Moto Droid (original) asked me to update – and it’s been stuck on the Motorola logo for the last 7.5 hours now… I’ll be taking it into the nearest Verizon Wireless Store as soon as they open.


  29. No update on my Droid yet, thinking of just doing the manual update

  30. I’ve had 2.2 for over a month now…. I’ve never received an OTA update for my Droid.

  31. Its still the first one. Neither i or anyone of my friends have It here either. Mid-michigan.

  32. I wish that they would enable an OTA “pull” once the window opens up. Probably only 10% of users would know about it and care enough to push the button, but for power users or those that really need/desire features in an upgrade, it would be a big benefit. I personally *need* a feature in 2.2 that will really simplify my work life. Waiting not so patiently….

  33. *228

  34. still aint got my moto droid upgrade! im aggervated

  35. My Droid picked up the updated this morning. I’m in central NC and only connected to 3G – no wifi connection at the moment.

  36. I did the manual update a few weeks ago with the frg01b build. Am I supposed to get apk new otago update to the new build our do I have to find it manually? Is this going to be the frg22 build?

  37. I manually updated my Droid awhile ago, but hadn’t updated my wife’s at that time. She got the OTA notification on the first morning that it was available but put it off until I got home to do it. After putting it off a few times, it stopped nagging her and when I checked for updates, it said she was up to date with 2.1 update 1! After a day or so of waiting for it to come back, I just manually updated it and installed Flash. Can’t be bothered to keep waiting on Verizon…

  38. Got it and now my Droid will not accept text messages and saying the the phone storage is getting low.

  39. It’s the 18th wherethefuck is my froyo?

  40. Wow verizon disappoint us more, make us wait and keep faith that “oh hey, verizon is defitly making this a priority theyre just making sure its perfect when they release it”….no they just dont give a crap

  41. Called VZW this morning checking up on the update that never came. The rep didn;t say it but certainly sounded like I was not the first to call about it )she sounded frustrated with the q). She stated many have not rec’d it yet and there may be a hold because of bugs being fixed. She stated that there were never any firm dates but the roll-out would happen and to be patient. She mentioned Google and Motorola in the mix as to imply there was some wait from them. Hmmm – this sounds familiar to the old Windows days (MS: call the software maker. Software maker: this is a Windows issue. Consumer – caught in the middle). Thank goodness the phone works well and doesn’t blue screen. I could not stand the thought of a subpar network to obtain a smartphone that works.

  42. @DrDiff – i’m so thrilled you’re rooted and tired of hearing about waiting for the upgrade. kudos to you. i’m thrilled. super happy for you. and i’m deeply troubled that the vast majority of the android (and Droid) community that doesn’t root is so inconsiderate as to take up your precious time by talking about the update and update process that we all follow. that was very rude of us. It’s too bad there wasn’t some way you could have perhaps read the headline on the main page, somehow discerned that this story didn’t really apply to you, and skipped it, instead of being clicking into the story anyway, probably not even reading it – just skipping to the “Leave a comment” section just to post your extremely thought provoking and highly relevant comment. or maybe you just wanted to come on here and be all superior and condescending. i know which option my money is on…

  43. From what I understand; about 1/3rd of my users have already gotten it.

  44. no update yet for me on D1 in Tampa, FL. My wife got hers over the weekend.

  45. My mom’s and a co-worker phones pulled it this morning. My brother’s got it yesterday. Mine has yet to pull it though.

  46. Got update on Droid Monday morning at work in TN.

  47. Three original Droids in my household. One received the update 2 days ago, the other two have yet to receive the update.

  48. Erictric reporting that HTC Incredible updates are going out. (I refuse to call it the Droid Incredible.)

    I still don’t believe, but whatever…I’m still checking for updates every 5 min.

  49. My wife’s Moto Droid is getting the update right now (Texas). Waiting patiently for my DI to get it.

  50. Got mine on 8/16/10 on my Droid1 and am absolutely thrilled. Have had no problems – all apps work. Spent so much time on it on Day1, I had to recharge the battery. Since then, no problem. Love Chrome to Phone, and my dock works great. I like the new floating clock (green, probably saves the screen better than the former).

  51. My wife and I received our updates a few days ago and we live in Iowa. My sister just got her 2.2 today. For those of you that do not have it yet, don’t be too disappointed. I”m not that impressed with it so far. There are a few nice things about it, but my biggest complaint is I can’t play any video anymore (i.e. YouTube) and the graphics in some of my apps are now messed up and they mix together if you navigate from one page to another and back. It is like it overlays the two pages together. Not happy :(

  52. No froyo for my Incredible. Live in MD. Currently in AZ.

  53. ontariio, california…9:00am…still waiting…

  54. I thought Verizon had the best customer satisfaction… now they won’t since all summer long they had been delaying the froyo update since Google I/o. It better not be like the delays for 2.1 .
    Suck a big penis VZW

  55. I’m in Chicago and I got it this morning about 9am. I’m still exploring the changes and thinking about how to organize my expanded home screens now.

  56. My wife got hers three days ago and I haven’t gotten mine yet. We have the same phone, on the same service, bought on the same day. Very weird. Flash player isn’t available on the market – lame!

  57. Well…called VZW today and asked about the upgradeand where it was? I was told that there was no firm date and that all moto droids would “hopefully” be upgraded by “sometime this fall”?!??! Was told that an upgrade went out to a small test group and there were some problems associated with it. Now, I was only talking to a rep at my local store…so who knows? It looks like I will be rooting now…tired of waiting for this.

  58. Haven’t gotten it…now don’t care. I’m an app developer and finally got pissed and switched to the new 4G iPhone yesterday. Threw the Droid out the window at speed on the interstate and watched the Hemdroid bust into a million sparkly pieces!

  59. @The Don: Thats exactly what i wanted to say. I also love posts by ppl who say”ha ive had froyo for months… on my N1″ the post is about the D1 you jackasses

  60. I thought Verizon was suppose to have great customer satisfaction also.. its time for Verizon to confirm or deny the rumors

  61. Guys. Thought you should know the OTA update is indeed the frg01b build. I got impatient and manually updated to it three days ago and installed Flash myself with no problems at all. Two of my co-workers in the Los Angeles area got their updates and I compared builds to mine. It’s the same build. Just manually do it.

  62. No update. Los Angeles, Ca. Two people I know got it two days ago. My DROID? Nothing. Looks like we ain’t getting it, people…

  63. nothing for me here in philly. although my buddy at work got the update this morning!

  64. guess what? Just got the 2.2 update on my incredible, shortly after I turned on my “Maps” widget. My buddy who works for Verizon told me to wait till after 12:00 noon today, then keep wi-fi on till I get the audible notification. Only waited about 15 minutes

  65. I have the leaked version on my Inc. Does anyone know if I need to downgrade before the update will come? I know you don’t have to with the Droid.

  66. Sorry to post that link earlier. That guy is a lying sack of crap who just put that up to bump up his page views.

  67. I haven’t gotten the update as of noon today. What I did get waking me up early was a call from a buddy shouting to NOT upgrade. His Droid is basically bricked after the upgrade. He can still make calls, but Android Market doesn’t show any apps availible nor do webpages load in the browser. WiFi and Bluetooth wont connect. Verizon couldn’t solve the problem after a few hours of troubleshooting so they’re shipping him a whole new Droid. Just thought I’d share. I’m not sure I will take the update until he figures out what went wrong.

  68. @The Don, You should feel bad for him. When the rest of the community gets Froyo, he’ll no longer be special and any personal inadequacies, for which having Froyo before everyone else was compensating, will be flaccidly exposed.

  69. the anticipation is killing me, where the fuck is my froyo

  70. Got it about 9:45 am today here in Central PA. I wish flash was in the market.

  71. How do you check for an update? Settings > About Phone > System Updates? I don’t believe this checks anything except what’s already been rec’d OTA and not installed??? No 2.2 in N.E. MI. DadBlammit

  72. Nothing here in DC.

  73. i still havent got my update this suckkks D1

  74. still waiying for my froyo getting desprit for it alredyy!!!

  75. I find it entertaining that Mashable who reported that Froyo was to come to the Incredible to day has nothing that I can find posted on their sight about it today. Guess their sources aren’t that great. Huh?

  76. I got an update today!…..for Air Control Lite.

  77. @daniel: Still better than waiting for 2.1-update2 (that’s what we do here in Europe with Milestone)…

  78. @The Don- I know! Right?! What a dickish post Dr.Diff.
    @ snake- Ditto that last statement.
    @ The Ladies- Hello ladies! How are you? Fantastic! Does your man look like me? No. Can he post like me? Yes! Should he use Old Spice scented key boards? I don’t know…. Do you like greatness? Do you like posts that write themselves and will allow you to finish the internet while riding a lion? Of course you do. This post is now diamonds! I’m on a horse.

  79. I’m in the DC area and I’ve been checking all morning on my incredible. Nothing yet.

  80. Still waiting patiently, its kind of annoying because the past couple weeks my moto droid has been running so damn crappy. just want them to deliver like they promised. too bad verizon wouldnt do a trade in program for droid 1’s for new droid 2’s that would be GENIUS! but they are not lmao…

  81. 1. You need to be connected to 3G to receive the notification update.
    2. There is a possibility that the update will brick your phone- lots of people all over the country reporting this. If it happens, take it to a Verizon that has software flashing stations- there is a resolution posted on their internal device forums.
    3. The update does NOT come with Flash- it will be available as an app in the Market in a couple weeks or so.
    4. You can also install Froyo manually- very easy to do. Flash APK also available for manual install. I updated my Droid manually, and have had no issues so far. Link in this article: http://phandroid.com/2010/08/11/droid-froyo-update-wrapping-up-by-august-18th/
    5. I would recommend a factory reset when you update, whether wirelessly or manuall, just to get everything reset and to optimize performance. AppBrain is great for syncing and backing up apps.

  82. …cousin Milestone, the relative everyone forgets, is still waiting word if he’ll be invited to the Froyo Family reunion. Sigh.

  83. No update for me here in east TN….a friend who shares the plan with me got it this AM…

  84. I got the update and I agree wholeheartedly with rjg. The new format while in the dock is atrocious. It’s like they sat down and said “How can we redesign this to be the least handy and usable?” And my Droid has been running like utter crap ever since the update finished. Slow to process, apps forcing closed, emails/texts not coming in. I want to go back!

  85. For the people that have voted ‘yes, my htc droid incredible did’ and those who said ‘I have already gotten my upgrade before today’ did you root your device or did you get a notification of some sort?? I am deeply saddend i have not gotten my update yet :'(

  86. I manually updated my D1 to 2.2 a couple of weeks ago. It has some nice features and I really have not had any problems like those who were pushed the update. I would suggest doing it manually, especially if you are impatient for the update. Oh and I am not rooted or a techy and it was really easy to figure out.

  87. Its the 18th still no froyo!? Whats going on?

  88. No froyo in Seattle yet

  89. Rumor brought to you by the same folks to predicted doom on January 1, 2000.

  90. Waiting patiently in Los Angeles – Incredible

  91. From VZWSupport Twitter:
    @Rion33 We currently do not have information for the Incredible update at this time and is not being sent out today. *AN

  92. Be glad you DIDN’T get the update. I got my first thing this morning and it locked up my Moto Droid. Stuck in logo screen.

    Yes, I took out the battery.
    Yes, I tried the ‘restore to factory settings’ procedure.

    My Droid is now a brick.


  93. I know a few people here in lasvegas with froyo on their droid but i still havnt got my update yet amstill running 2.1 while otheres getting second froyoupdate wtf… 11:26 from las vegas nevada

  94. No update for my Droid 1 yet. A watched pot never boils. I did email Motorola the first Friday in August when they began rolling them out. When I asked why I haven’t received the firmware froyo update yet, I got a standard reply letter letting me know the firmware update began a few days before. Not much of an answer.

  95. Lulz, I got the request to update my droid when I woke up.

  96. I really don’t see the update going out till next week or later…been this long and nothing but rumors flying around sadly.

  97. OTA update to 2.2 this morning around 6am PST in Portland, Oregon.

  98. nothin yet for my D1 in southern CT

  99. I received my upgrade on my phone on Sunday evening, but my husband has not received his as of today, 8/18/10

  100. gimme my Froyo. I ain’t got it yet for incredible

  101. 3:30 pm here in Tampa, FL…still no update.

  102. I’m reading some of these posts and laughing out loud. The August 18th date was just a rumor, and has been stated as being such all over the Internet. When it does happen, it’ll be something phased in over a period of weeks, not something where every phone in the world will get the update at the same time, or even over a 24 hour period. My personal opinion: When it comes, it comes. My Droid Incredible is running just fine on 2.1-1 and I’ve been enjoying it since I first got it. I’m sure 2.2 will enhance the experience; but it’s not like I can’t use the phone or go on with living if I don’t have it. ;-)

  103. I was told 2.2 was being sent according to purchase date. meaning the longer you have the phone, the sooner You get the update

  104. Got my 2.2 for Droid 1 on sunday in minneapolis.

  105. Got my update 2 days ago. Home cradle screen is gone. replaced by a dumb clock. Can’t put the phone on vibrate only. Wi-fi doesnt work. Give me 2.1 back!

    Trust me guys you don’t want 2.2. I’d downgrade if i could.

  106. It is 12:42 in Tucson and still no update. One would think with all the frustration shown on multiple droid boards that they would at least come out with some sort of comment if it is going to be delayed or when the updates would actually be completed.

  107. im waiting and waiting and waiting and guess what im waiting why say it comes out today but nada!!!!

  108. I’m waiting till end of September. If they don’t release and update by then, I will root the phone. I use to burn roms to my windows phone. I was waiting to see if Verizon would update this phone. Doesn’t look like they will.

  109. my boyfriend and i got our droids on the same day we are on the same contract and he got the android 2.2 update a few days ago……IM STILL WAITING….not fair lol

  110. also i checked for system updates on my phone and it says that its up today but when i look at the firmware it says 2.1-update1….does this mean that i’ve already got the ota and i just missed it or what??? HELP.

  111. What build is being pushed?

  112. 4:25 No Froyo!! I wish I could just say “F” it… I don’t want it! But who am I kidding. I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!

    Everyone I know with Sprint has it and some didn’t even realize it…. Uh… oh, I guess I do have it. Damn Them!

  113. Its not coming out today. Proof the Verizon wireless support twitter has no information about the update at all.

  114. My wife got her update a WEEK AGO! I’m still waiting… and I’m the primary account holder. How’s that for a slap in the face? I am jealous and losing geek cred at home.

  115. don’t care about 2.2, since 2.1 made my phone go balls up. what a piece of shit. iphone, where are you?

  116. Still waiting for my precious froyo! This has been a long 3 weeks since my friend got his on his evo. I’m so jealous!

  117. Two motorola droids in Maryland and no 2.2 yet 8/18 4:45pm

  118. Denver, CO here and still no update. Everyone needs to keep in mind however that all of these “dates” are speculative and while the update itself has been officially announced as being rolled out, neither Verizon nor Motorola have ever set an “end-date”. So the 18th, even as mentioned in the above original post, is just a rumor.

    My assumption is people will be getting the update all the way through the end of the month, maybe longer. Just have to hang in there or bite the bullet and manually update if you can’t wait.

  119. my sister and I got our phones the same day a month or two ago, she received her OTA 3 days ago, still nothing on mine

  120. Got update this weekend and have nothing but issues. Downloads slower, internet slower, cannot multitask, live wallpaper disappears, troubles wi-fi ing, screen dims and lightens on own, more than half my apps do not work properly including factory ones, screen goes black without fc popup. And they still have not solved the lack of hands free commands. Who knows what else. Overall disappointment. Ruined a pretty good phone.

  121. I got Verizon Motorola Droid 2.2 update today about 9:30 am. I live in Washington State

  122. I got tired of waiting two days ago and updated manually to 2.2 plus flash. I used the larger 76.9 MB file, which is considered better by those in the know.

    It runs great, and pulled a Quadrant score of 868 immediately after updating. Hubba hubba!

  123. Sure didnt. So went with the manual update. Then my camera on the phone took a shit, so had to get a replacement from Verizon, and surprise surprise, I got a Droid in the mail. So there is a back stock, regardless of what some reports have said. Did the manual update again just now, and am happy as can be.

    So heres the question, should I still root? Ive been reading up on it and it seems pretty easy and harmless, I mean, I can always just reinstall and unroot should anything not work right?

  124. This is why leaks are a bad thing. Someone leaks a date, that date may or may not be accurate, and the community latches onto it like a college kid seeing a free beer.

  125. My Incredible has 2.1, and that makes me sad :(

  126. I just got off the phone with the Verizon tech support and they have told me that they have slowed down the update cause they ran into some glitches and t
    It was causing only a small amount of phones to freeze and lock up. Being unable to use it and has to get replaced. For the people who have gotten the first update that was without flash, flash is now available on market but will only work for 2.2 or better.

  127. What about the Motorola Droid? Has anyone received any word about the OTA Update for it? I am still waiting for Froyo.

  128. My family plan (I’m in WA state), has 3 D1 motorola droids on it… mine has not received the update but the other 2 have – in the same order/spacing as when the 2.1 updates were rolled OTA earlier this year.. but it’s now almost 4pm on the 18th and my phone sadly still doesn’t have the update.

  129. My girlfriends sister got it & didnt even know what it was. Now that i told her she rubs it in my face. Why does verizon lag the 2.2 update for the people who really want it. Bakersfield, Cali

  130. Still no update for android 2.2 over here in TX

  131. Two of my Droid’s got the update last week. The third is still waiting.

  132. 8:30 Here in Tennessee and I have gotten nothing. I will be pissed if I don’t get an update today.

  133. My Co-Worker got his, he has had his droid only for 2 months !, I have had mine since Christmas and still no update, Here in Fairfield County, CT.

  134. I didn’t get it yet. But then, I’m in Mongolia don’t own a phone.

  135. @Brittany. No you haven’t gotten your Update yet. Your still running 2.1. Your waiting for 2.2.

  136. 9:00pm in NYC and still no damn froyo update, this wait is killing me !

  137. Its the fact that there is so little information about when and where an update will be. It would be nice if we knew how and where the rollout would be. At least a time window of some kind that is more accurate. Part of the reason there rumors get so out of hand is do to all the secrets. Even if you had an issue and had to push things back. People will understand if there is an issue as long as your upfront with them.

  138. Hell, I don’t think I want one of the first issues of the update, seems there are too many issues! Never been one to enjoy being a ginuea pig. I’m fine with waiting until it comes out glitch-free. Des Moines, IA, MotoDroid 2.1.

  139. @Mike “Even if you had an issue and had to push things back. People will understand if there is an issue as long as your upfront with them.” No, they won’t. People act like children. If you tell then Tuesday, they expect it to show up at 12:01AM. If you say Fall they’ll consult an almanac to see when the sun crosses the equator. If you don’t live up to the date they expect, even if you never committed to that date, they’ll go berserk. People are not reasonable.

  140. The same people who are so anxious will be the loudest cryers when it doesn’t go off perfectly.

  141. I am FURIOUS with this upgrade! I hate my Droid to begin with, but when I tried to do the upgrade, the phone restarted and has been stuck on the motorolla logo for the entire day. I went to Verizon and the guy said he’s had several people come in today with the same problem, and they have to send me a new phone now, that I will get in two days. WTF!?!?!?! This phone SUCKS!!!!!!! Verizon, PLEASE come out with an iphone, for crying out loud!!!

  142. My buddy who has the droid got the update three days ago without rooting his phone.. I’m still waiting.. .. seattle wa

  143. According to reps in two different VZW stores the updates go out based on purchase date… so the first 20,000 or so that bought their Incredible will be receiving the OTA update first… after an initial test period they will continue to roll it out to another 50,000 or so…. and so on. they both said updates began on Monday…

  144. Is it really determined by location? I see a lot of people posting their city. I would think if that were the case, they would spread out the update between several cities and not dump them all on one, so that it doesn’t bog down the network for that area.

    I really hope they aren’t doing it by last name though. With a last name that starts with W, I’ve always gotten the shaft on a lot of things in life when they go alphabetically. Mainly running out of stock by the time they get to me. As a kid in grade school, that really put a damper on my self esteem. :( ;)

  145. I have a Droid and I got my update on Sunday in NYC

  146. Oh also, last name starts with B!

  147. its 12:20 a.m. (: my phone is downloading froyo finally after waiting for weeks

  148. In Chicago…still waiting for the OTA update on my Droid…this is dissapointing…I purchased it the first day it came out and here I’m waiting

  149. I’m rooted, but I just got my notification at 11:40pm central standard time.

  150. Its 12:03 and I got nothing. I guess I can give this till 12:30 or so. lol

  151. Better late then never…I got the update bout 12:30est…love it..no issues for me..except the lag on the typing online.

  152. I was on the site earlier and voted no update. But at 10:57 pm I got the update and damn is my phone is slow.


  154. Just getting my update at 11:31PM in Tucson, AZ

  155. Still nothing…guess it will come someday. :-(

  156. I still have nothing. Whatever.

  157. It is now 7:30 AM, and still no update for the Motorola Droid….

  158. Mine was available when I looked at my phone 7:00 am EST. Loaded and ready to go in about 3 – 4 minutes. No problems I can see yet, but no time to really give it a work out. Tether = present. Flash in market = absent. Newark,OH

  159. I woke up this morning and it was there! No issues for me that I’ve seen yet. Everything seems to work fine. I just had to reset my ringtones and stuff.

  160. 6:19am Pacific Daylight Time on the 19th of August in the year 2010 and still no 2.2 update on my Droid in SoCal. I do know of 2 peeps that have gotten it here yesterday.

  161. This is for the Droid Incredible NOT for the Moto Droid so why are we posting this on here?

  162. finally got it here in VA/DC area! 9:38 AM EST.

  163. got the update this morning, live in NJ

  164. Wife got hers last night, but no luck with mine. Same plan, Same phone, Same day.

  165. Still nothing ~ 8-19 9:30 am

  166. I Got a Pop Up message yesterday about an update on my moto droid. I clicked update now and NOTHING happened, no sign that an update was ever done. Has anyone got the same pop up message?

  167. Still haven’t seen nor heard of an update on my Moto Droid here in Colorado. UHGG guess I shouldn’t care, my Droid X is to arrive by the 26th then more waiting for FROYO!

  168. Froyo finally dropped on my phone this morning. Woop!

    Denver, CO

  169. Got the update this morning when I woke up around 5am! Not sure what is new about it except I now have a twitter icon!… guess I need to do some exploring and see what else is different.

  170. I have 2 droids. One got the OTA update over a week ago. The other is still waiting.

  171. Manually installed Flash 10.1 B3. Not something to get excited about. It works, but is a bit choppy and is a nuisance on regular web pages. All of the sites i was happy with are now a little tougher to look at and navigate if there is a flash item. Flash = http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NT2ER7HX

    Played “Old School Halo” at a cool 10 fps! LOL


  172. No update on my phone yet, after soo much excitement. maybe I should just give up and not care anymore. Motorola probably skipped over my phone. One thing is for sure: it’s sure not fair that some are given preference and an earlier upgrade time. BAD point in my book, Verizon. We’ll see what happens when my contract is up…

  173. Al, I understand your frustration. I will tell you I am a bit underweld now that I finally got it. Nothing wrong with it and my installation was smooth. Just not anything to get excited about in hindsight. The tether feature is the only thing I will use and will not be able to mess with that for a while anyway.

    I agree with some on here that the a lot of the anticipation is built up by rumor, but why can’t Verizon give some official updates on the update? And darn sure, how do they pick the order? It obviously isn’t in order of activation or geographical? It’s also clear from these posts that the local guys just make up some version of the same rumors we get on the street. Yes, there would be some frustration over an official delay, but not near as much as there is with rumor and fret. You listening Verizon?

  174. FINALLY!!!! As I type this it is downloading. Had to click on the check for updates throughtout the day, and it came up!!

  175. My co-worker (who didn’t even know about Froyo until I told him) received his update this AM…still nothing for me >:-{ Motorola Droid – SW Florida

  176. Froyo-y goodness downloading at last in Cincinnati!

  177. The Froyo is a lie

  178. guys this is for the droid incredible…and the people who have one that are awaiting the update, not for the moto droid…

  179. got my update today, my husband who bought his phone before me has not. and I have been waiting for this for ever now and no FLASH PLAYER.. wtf so annoyed! it better come soon adobe’s site says late summer, ummmm its almost september how late do they mean? lol

  180. Finally got mine this morning at 4:00 am before I had to go into work. Had it freezing up on me at first and a bunch of force closes, seems to be getting more stable as the day progressed. Still an abnormal amount of force closes. I can tell that this update has sped the phone up, just seems as though it’s not as stable now.

  181. Still no update for me. My wife got the update on Monday 16th. Everyone at work on Tuesday 17th. Still waiting. Called Motorola, they have an auto message that the push is still ongoing and behind schedule by as much as 3 days. A call to Verizon confirms. ugh!

  182. Finally got the Froyo Update on my Motorola Droid today!!

  183. Still waiting in Mongolia…for a phone.

  184. Just got it in TX, installed without a problem – Good luck, everybody.

  185. Every time i check my phone, and realize that i still dont have the froyo update, i die alitte

  186. Yes – and now I can’t make phone calls or access my contacts. I get a pop up anytime I try to use it that says “application not installed”. Sweet. Verizon is sending me a new phone. The rep told me that had several similair calls.

  187. After reading through these posts,trying all the voodo charms, *228, voting no, switching to wifi and searching the market for the right apps to make sure all my stuff is backed up….i get my update notification. Happy Idaho. ;)

  188. Today i voted no, I didn’t receive my update. However, tonight at 9:30PM I received the OTA update. Install was quick on my Motorola Droid. Like the new 5 home screens, soft key menu and camera updates.

  189. Just received the notification and updated this morning for the Motorola Droid.

    I am in Michigan.

  190. The wife got her upgrade ( same account, same order date 2/10 ) about a week ago. I finally got mine last night. But I didn’t get it until I connected to my home wireless. I had never setup my phone on the wireless, but when I did yesterday, the update arrived within 5 minutes.

  191. Got my update last night around 10:30 eastern time. Few things. I like the 5 screens. I don’t like that they updated my live wallpaper, and made it lighter/brighter. It was the neuro-network one. Which brings me to the next thing. It made the screen too bright at night when I used it with the dock. Even when dimmed. There just wasn’t enough contrast between the background and the time. And I like the new layout of the time when in the dock. But I don’t like that over time the the close will start to jump positions. It makes it really confusing when you’re half asleep, trying to read the time.

  192. The Froyo Fairy visited me during the night…but then I had to take the battery out of my phone because it froze up :-{ Droid – SW Florida

  193. I found the 2.2 real slow after updating, web pages were slow on 3g, moving between apps, making a phone call. The home screen would lose icons when exiting an app and I would have to wait for 30 seconds or so before my icons came back. I did a factory reset and all is well. I used appbrain to sync my apps and they all came back except beautiful widgets,was in the “downoads section” of the market, reinstalled and good to go. Much faster now and I do see a difference in 2.1 to 2.2, cept flash. no flash even after loading the beta. Oh well, i guess i’ll have to wait another 6 months for next OTA update. Sorry, no rooting- its a company phone.

  194. Phone battery use went way up after the software was downloaded so I just did a factory reset. I hope I can get everything back the way it was as I am less than adept at using my phone. It looks like apps are still there, but I must reload all my widgets. And the home screen wallpaper has reset itself in a letterbox format (oh fooey)

  195. For those of you who have the Froyo update…

    Did it kill Google Listen?

    Despite a number of deletions and reboots and re-downloads Froyo Killed my Google Listen.

    It says I need a gmail accout to use Google Listen. Despite haveing three g-mail accounts on the phone.

  196. So how come nobody is saving and posting the update.zip file for FRG22? The forum was ablaze with this request a couple of weeks ago when FRG01B was being pushed out, but I see next to nothing about people providing the FRG22 update. What gives?

  197. The hell with Motorola! I have the HTC Incredible and still no froyo!!!
    Yes the Incredible is a great phone without 2.2 BUT I NEED THE FROYO UPDATE because the bluetooth in 2.1 is crippled!!! I can NOT sync my address book and phone numbers to my cars bluetooth system and I need to do that in the worst way. Hell, my 5 year old Trio 700 could sync phone numbers to my in car system but this Hi Tech wonder came with crippled bluetooth. I’m not sure if this particular CRIPPLE was Verizon’s fault, knowing how much they LOVE to cripple their phones so that they can charge you an ‘ADDITIONAL FEE’ to put back “normal” functionality, but I sure do need this update!!!

  198. Motorola Droid has received, HTC Incredible has not (both verizon)

  199. No Froyo yet down in Ft Lauderdale either

  200. Still haven’t received it.

  201. I ended up not being able to wait for the official OTA, and instead downloaded from one of the leaked mirrors ( think it was from droiddoes). Update went fine, but I had swype keyboard installed before the update, so that stopped working once it booted back up in 2.2. Had to go uninstall, wipe cache, reboot, wipe cache again and the re-install from original email beta invite. Now it works fine. But I’m unable to get Marketplace to show the Flash player download. Soo, I’m wondering if I’ll get any other update/upgrade notices in the future. I.e. not sure if I should somehow roll back the update and wait for OTA to hit or push ahead and manually install flash from leaked .apk source.

  202. Hate v2.2. Totally sux. Can’t wait to trade it in for a phone tgat actually works.

  203. To those who haven’t received the “upgrade” yet: be glad, and hope you never get it. It’s like hoping to get herpes. BTW, took five minutes to type this out; that’s how pathetically slow this is.

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