Aug 13th, 2010


Now that Verizon’s first handset to ship with Android 2.2 is out on shelves and the original Motorola Droid has resumed its update to Froyo, sights are set back on the HTC Droid Incredible, a handset that some of its owners believe is oft neglected in Big Red’s Android lineup. According to sources within Verizon, the Froyo update has been available for testing internally and is just about ready to start rolling out. Verizon purportedly has set a date of August 18th for the OTA to begin making its way to handsets.

And why not? August 18th has been pegged as the day for Flash 10.1 to reach a full release to Android phones running Froyo and is also a date Verizon has already indicated should mark the end of the OTA rollout for the original Droid. It is assumed on that day Verizon will most likely begin rolling out a second update to Moto Droid owners that will enable Flash on their devices.

Given other Sense-enabled devices have like the HTC EVO 4G been receiving their dose of Android 2.2, the 18th seems like a highly likely date for the Incredible to receive a serving of sweet sweet Froyo. As with all OTA updates we’ll believe it when we see it, but we may just hold out hope on this one.

[via Android Community]

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