Droid Incredible Update to Android 2.2 Said to Be Poised for August 18 Release



Now that Verizon’s first handset to ship with Android 2.2 is out on shelves and the original Motorola Droid has resumed its update to Froyo, sights are set back on the HTC Droid Incredible, a handset that some of its owners believe is oft neglected in Big Red’s Android lineup. According to sources within Verizon, the Froyo update has been available for testing internally and is just about ready to start rolling out. Verizon purportedly has set a date of August 18th for the OTA to begin making its way to handsets.

And why not? August 18th has been pegged as the day for Flash 10.1 to reach a full release to Android phones running Froyo and is also a date Verizon has already indicated should mark the end of the OTA rollout for the original Droid. It is assumed on that day Verizon will most likely begin rolling out a second update to Moto Droid owners that will enable Flash on their devices.

Given other Sense-enabled devices have like the HTC EVO 4G been receiving their dose of Android 2.2, the 18th seems like a highly likely date for the Incredible to receive a serving of sweet sweet Froyo. As with all OTA updates we’ll believe it when we see it, but we may just hold out hope on this one.

[via Android Community]

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  1. Aug 18th…my birthday! Anyways, will be great for my lady’s Incredible. I am already running 2.2 with SkyRaider ROM.

  2. Oh man sure would be great if the 18th was the day… but I’ll belive it when i see it.

  3. about damn time.

  4. Woooooo-hoooooooo! Hope it’s for real.

  5. Thank you Kevin!

  6. Finally! I was losing hope. I wanted to wait until the official froyo hit before I rooted and I was losing faith rapidly. And this better be official I mean come on they already released the source codes for incredible 2.2

  7. I’ll believe it when I see it. Remember how last update was pulled like two days beforehand?

  8. Neglected? The Droid X is almost the same hardware as the Droid 2 and nothing has been said about the DX getting 2.2 :/

  9. @john really the phone and Froyo haven’t been out that long if you want faster updates get a Nexus like I did ;) Seriously everyone says the updates don’t matter but when Nexus One owners heard that we were going to get the update, man they went ape shit on the Nexus One forums complaining about why the update was taking so long. Currently there are 4,500 comments of mostly people whining in a two week period.

  10. @jdog yea it just shows how people are unrealistic

  11. Another reported date for a “confirmed” release….. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  12. I got Droid 1 and I got no update yet what is taking to long.

  13. @BenR

    Nothing other than that it’s coming in early September….

  14. Still no update

  15. I just wish Verizon would give the Incredible the respect it deserves. Seems like as soon as it sold out for the first time they put all their effort into Motorola. I talked 14 people into buying the Incredible instead of the Moto Droid or Droid X. I now feel like a jackass because Verizon has put the Incredible on the back burner and I’m starting to feel they will treat it like the Droid Eris.

  16. Its about time…damn! Wont believe it until it happens though.

  17. I agree. I’ll believe it when I see it!

  18. What are these updates referring to about some Htc Incredible updates?


  19. Regardless, news like this gives me hope haha :) glad to know! been waiting ages to see if it will indeed help battery life before i bite the bullet and waste $50 on an extended

  20. What happened to August 6th, I guess waiting 12 more days will have to work, but I’m still going to whine. Booooo Verizon!

  21. Has anyone with a D1 that lives in LA get the update yet?

  22. Yea, all these rumors about when it was supposed to be pushed out like the one that was suppose to be at the beginning of this month.

  23. HOOORAY something solid!

  24. What does the OTA update for the Droid Incredible consist of for the Aug 18th?

  25. outstanding

  26. purportedly……which means it’s not happening.

  27. I’m not gonna hold my breath for this one. It sounds credible enough, but I’m just tired of hearing the rumors. I can’t believe the OG Droid got it first. C’mon, the DInc was big reds flagship only a month ago. ROLL IT OUT ALREADY!

  28. That’s prolly just as reliable as when they said the D1 would be getting 2.2 …

    and most of us are still waiting … which means their announcements don’t mean much of anything.

  29. ohh on my birthday too I really hope so

  30. @ scott

    don’t boo verizon, they’re just making sure that the update doesn’t have problems when they release it OTA. I can’t wait to have the update and finally have the DROID boot animation.

  31. Droiddddddddddd. Incredibleeeeeeee.

  32. Will believe it when I see it.

  33. Will there also be a fix in 2.2 for my software that is telling me I am low on space when I am in fact NOT?? Seems the DInc is not so super. I waited for this phone and this was supposed to be THE badass phone of the year and VZ seems to have dropped it for a Droid 2? Come on get real. Put some more effort into the DInc. Hell there is still a waiting list for it. Should tell you something. There is my rant…..

  34. Still waiting for actual docks for the HTC incredible.
    I guess I should give up. I love my phone, but I am jealous of Droid, Droid X, Droid 2 owners who seem to get matching accessories with their phones. incredible has been neglected by either HTC or Verizon.

  35. I still don’t believe it

  36. Root! Been running 2.2 for weeks….

  37. I’m not getting excited till I see it coming thru on my.phone thank u.very much.

  38. YAY! I hope so.

    Now, if we could just have some ACCESSORIES…. PLEASE. What’s the deal?!

  39. At least this gives me hope.

  40. I got my 2.2 update last night at around 2am on my Moto Droid. No flash but it at least has a few minor improvments that I can see so far. 5 home screens instead of just 3. Better user interface, minor things, still checking it out tho. Still waiting for flash 10.1. :(

  41. Ugh, just hurry up with 2.2 for incredible! It’s a bit embarrassing that my boss has already gotten this update for his D1 and i’m still waiting around…so jealous!

  42. the day after my Birthday lol, lets just hope it comes out and its not just another date thats being thrown out there like before…

  43. hope dis b tru.

  44. i’m sitting here with 2.2 on my original droid…just got an ota update this AM

  45. Cautiously optimistic…

  46. Just got some news from Verizon. They will be realeasing this OTA update for the Incredible on September 21st, 2046! Just a few more decades people, we are getting closer!

  47. sucks that my hubby got the 2.2 on his moto droid this mornin but my SAME EXACT phone didnt update… last time it updated they updated at the same time…. i hope i dont have to wait till the 18th… hell i bought the daggum phones i shud at least get the updates before him sheeesh!

  48. Does the update happen automatically? I check every day and my Droid is still running 2.1 and says no update available.

  49. Just got 2.2 update right now, it will give you a message that an update is available, first thoughts- 3g is not constantly on, I’m writing this on the Droid and the typing is very delayed, I can write a whole sentence and then it will show up

  50. Just got the update today aswell and the typing is a bit lagged but overall I’m very happy with it I also noticed a bit of lag when returning to the home screen. Lag is on loading my wigets. My sister didn’t get the update tho to her phone like I did if anyone has any ideas email me.

  51. I got my Moto Droid update alert this morning for 2.2. I selected the update now with restart and it crashed my Droid. Not cool. Verizon says this is happening with a lot of phones during this update. Verizon’s overnighting me a new phone. Wait an inconvenience! This sucks ass and isn’t cool.

  52. when my husband received his update for his Eris it wiped everything out… finding out after that we should have saved his info first – will the same thing happen with this update for the D-Inc. do i need to save my info so that it doesnt get wiped out??

  53. 2.2 sucks. I now hate my droid. Flash doesn’t even work. They fu#$%ed with the vibrate mode. Useless. How do I go back to 2.1?

  54. So about what time did you guys get a update? I’m still waiting for my ota.

  55. Well, the “magic day” has arrived and no FROYO. I see posts that systems have crashed. Gee what fun with Big Red. Maybe iPhone time.

  56. Jesus Christ, what a bunch of whining sissies! STFU and wait. All this teenage angst makes me wanna puke….

  57. it is da day of the froyo but still havent received shit. i think once again this was false info. freaking verizon need to hurry up if it doesnt come 2day im rooting my phone 2mmrow.

  58. @Michael: Trust me, you don’t want to go down that road!

  59. 08:00 EST received update for Motorola A855.
    08:15 EST finished backing up and has now rebooted.
    09:45 EST has yet to finish rebooting.


  60. Its August 18th got the increadible from day one still no update. WTF!!!

  61. I love my Incredible and would love some Froyo… have not received it but looking for it.

  62. No update on my Droid1 2.2 was supposed to be completed 2day

  63. My inside Verizon source is much more reliable.

    In fact, it’s my cousin’s wife’s brother’s best friend’s aunt’s husband’s grand father’s neice’s husband’s next door neighbor’s sister-in-law’s milk man’s brother… TOTALLY RELIABLE.

    Anyway, he says it’s coming out tomorrow. You can take that to the bank…

    Ofcourse, dates are known to slip. So maybe not…

  64. When Verizon FINALLY started offering good smart phones that were not crippled by them (google maps & navigation, so no more paying ridiculous VZ Navigator fee, etc.) I was excited and hopeful for the “new” Verizon. I got my Droid Incredible at launch (was lucky enough to pre-order) and immediately loved it. It was disheartening to read of all the inventory issues soon after, and now it is more of the same. Yesterday was the expected roll-out date for Froyo for the DInc. Realistically, can we expect it by the end of the month? I wouldn’t put money on it. And like others have asked, WHEN ARE THEY GONNA HAVE SOME DECENT ACCESSORIES???

  65. I received my update last night on the 18th…but no flash yet. :(

  66. Still waiting… Nothing here

  67. Tic-toc..Tic-toc..Tic-toc….Still nothing. JUNK!!

  68. So my phone updated and now I have the following issues:

    1. Lost 90% of my contacts

    2. I cannot access any email other than gmail (imagine that!)

    3. The phone no longer scrolls properly. Instead, it will hang even though I am moving my finger. I have to stop scrolling and wait

    4. The orientation is all screwed up. Sometimes it will turn correctly and other times it won’t turn at all.

    5. The infamous task killer problem that others are having

    6. Battery life. See #5

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