Droid Froyo Update Wrapping Up by August 18th



If you haven’t manually updated your Motorola Droid to Android 2.2 or have yet to receive the update over-the-air, expect to wait until as late as the 18th of August for Froyo to hit your device. This is the date a recent Verizon document pegs as the projected end of the roll out of the new firmware for the Droid. Did we mention you can manually update your Droid to Froyo? You haven’t done that already?

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  1. …and right around then is when Incredible Froyo updates start rolling out! Right? Guys? Hello?

  2. The reason most of u all have probelm is every update of froyo for ur droid is encoded different but its so deep u can’t tell soo that’s why all of who in installed it manually are having issues cus u all put an update that was ment for another droid not yours wait for ota and u won’t have probelms at all trust me !!! And the 22 build is the one with adobe flash accelaretor that droid 2 already has but we won’t get that till the 19 making droid2 to have the full 2.2 wxperience first so in a sence verizon was right when it said it would be the first headset cus it is !!! I hope this clearss up many of u who don’t know anything!

  3. The 22 build is the one with adobe flash accelerator !!!!!

  4. Jesus, gabe. Proofread before posting, please.

  5. @Gabe, that’s a lie. It’s the same whether you do it manual or wait for the OTA. Stop spreading false rumors. You’re the one who doesn’t know anything apparently, so stop. It’s build FRG01B whether you do it manual or OTA so either way you’ll have the same result. Flash will be released to the market on another day, probably 8/18 so you just have to wait it out or install the beta.

  6. @Gabe, are you fucking 10? 1. proof read, 2. you != u,

  7. @Lucas flash is in the market already, you just are not allowed to see it.

  8. @ Steve hahaha. I just showed Gabe’s post to my 10 year old son. He asked me if the guy who wrote the post was 4 and in “special classes”. Wow, that was my first good laugh of the day.

  9. The build of course will be the same but the encode is differrent ur gonna telling when my uncle is an exceutive in the company plzzzz I mean if u say all my stuff is a lie then why are all u haveing so man probelms when u should plzzz !!! Call verizon they will tell u not manual it not even the offical cause bad thing will happend to cell learn don’t judge and who cares if my grammer is bad I do it that way on purpose I don’t care about grammer unless its school I mean. U still understand anyways then ask verizon why does droid 2 have the adobe flash acceletrator n noone else does yet huhuhuh!!

  10. @gabe

    Well for starters proper spelling and grammar will give you credibility. You have so many spelling and grammar errors that I find it difficult to take you seriously, and I won’t even bother reading long posts written in this manner.

  11. Just be happy its coming. And the droid 2 will be the first handset to launch with 2.2, not with it. Evo has the full froyo.

  12. At this rate there will probably be a jar jar binks edition of Droid 4 before we get a FROYO ota for the Incredible, stupid Verizon.

  13. Funny…no one I know who manually installed Froyo is having any problems at all. Mine’s running perfectly…no app issues, fast speeds and Flash.

    Gabe is just riding the short bus with a crappy iPhone. Learn how to spell and write in proper English then get back to us, bucko.

  14. Holy Lord gabe…your writing/grammar is the reason people think that the future looks so damned dim. “I don’t carez bout grammur ‘nless its in skool.” You make yourself look like a jack ass. As for froyo, I figure I can wait until the official release. I wouldn’t want to eat a half baked pizza, so why not wait until froyo is ready?

  15. For everyone with a “HTC” Droid Incredible Verizon is not the one who makes the update for your phone it’s HTC and being since they are so set on having sense on top of the operating system this is what is causing your update to take forever. It’s not Verizon it’s HTC they are the ones who suck.

  16. So i did the manual update about a weekago. the build number is FRG01B. The rumor was the OTA was going to be FRG22. Well my friend who also has a droid did not do the manual update but just recived the OTA on Wednesday and it was also FRG01B. Is the FRG22 not happening? I thought there was like a 16mb patch?? How do i get it?? will it be pushed throw OTA?? My battry life is not as good now with 2.2 as it was with 2.1 but besides that no problems. Dose anyone have FRG22 and how did you get it??

  17. When does my Incredible get Froyo? *sigh*

  18. Ok its August 12 and I’m waiting for my system update… aaaaannyyyyy day now. I so anxious, I tried rooting my phone but it was a no go.

  19. I’ve already pre-ordered my Droid 4 Jar Jar Binks edition.

  20. Has anyone else had battery problems with unrooted 2.1?(sorry if I misspell, I’m just learning english)

  21. On incredible? yes! terrible battery issues. Not sure if its a 2.1 thing or an “I overuse my phone” thing.

  22. Also having battery issues. Unpluged phone at 930a(est) and battery is at 60% at 153p with little use! also noticed advanced task killer is being over taken by apps reactivating after they are killed!

  23. I have a Droid

  24. There are too many conflicting reports but here is what I think…There is going to be 2 updates. FRG01B followed by FRG22 to help with Flash support.

    I work in an IT dept and we are anxioisly awaiting these updates for Exchange support remote wipe so we can start rolling out these devices.

    We tested the manual 2.2 Froyo update last week with the Droid1 and the remote wipe still did not work for exchange although remote wipe worked for us on an Incredible with 2.1.

    I know of exactly one person that has gotten the official OTA push and it is FRG01B. I have verified it and messed with the device. We have not tried the remote wipe as he does not want to wipe his phone and we have a test device that we are waiting for the OTA to hit. He got it at 8:30 a.m EST on Tuesday (8/10) in Rhode Island.

    I see a bunch of people complaining of bugs and slowness with the manual update but I have the say my friend’s Droid that got the OTA is much faster/smoother and he has no complaints about battery life as of yet and he has been using as normal since the update was applied if not more trying to mess with the added features.

    I cannot verify but there are reports that if you manually updated it is installed over the top (like stallone) of the current OS and if you wait for the OTA the OS is wiped and then freshly installed. I cannot verify just passing some more heresay that I have heard.

    Anyway, Im still waiting even though I had my Droid months before my friend that got the OTA.

  25. I got the ota 2.2 on Moto Droid. Increasd batteery life, snappy app transitions, and web surf speed is slightly faster (depending on 3g speed in city) unfortunatley no flash yet. Maybe 8/18?

  26. Battery issue is gonna be mostly affected by what radios you have on all the time. This will be true for 2.1 or 2.2, although 2.2 does make a number of kernel improvements so should result in lower battery consumption. Biggest misconception I get on the phones: downloading Advanced Task Killer saves your battery. Nope. Negatory good buddy. Android is designed to have mult apps loaded into resident memory. If you have your Wifi/3G/GPS/Bluetooth radios on, pulling signal and powering your widgets…then you will get 5-6 hours of use. I turn mine off at work and get 3-4 days on a single charge on my Incredible.

  27. If u manually installed the 2.2 allready do u still get the update?

  28. Haven’t recieved my update on my moto droid yet :/ Is there a particular order in which they release it? Im so anxious :0

  29. How can I go back to the 2.1 update from this manual install?

  30. Right…………..August 18th and no froyo and I’m not alone. HAHA and incredible owners think they will get it on the 18th when the droid roll out is far from complete.

  31. 8:30am on august 18th, STILL no FroYo. Time for Iphone, or wait?

  32. No froyo yet either. Getting a little irritated. Moto droid

  33. No froyo… still!

  34. Okay I HATE this new update. Every app sucks now and has to “force close” out of no where. Also, the pandora radio app is terrible…every other song is so muffled you can’t even make it out. Also, the battery life on my droid after this update is awful. I can’t make it through my 12 hour work day without it dying and I don’t even use it.
    Definitely ready to switch to an iphone after this update.

  35. I talked to a verizon tech today and what she said was “they slowed down sending out updates for froyo from 600,000 a day to 400,000 a day so the updates should be finishing up by the end of this week, and I haven’t got mine yet either” those were her exact words, so the 18th wasn’t the final day. Hopefully this helps. Btw no froyo for me either, rochester, ny.

  36. No update for me yet either :( don’t really want to do it manually.

  37. My husband got his a few days ago but his flash does not work… will there be a second update?

  38. Ya there is goin to b another update. I have flash now. But I manually installed everythang

  39. No update, almost 12…..boston

  40. I have yet to receive the 2.2 update and it’s 5 minutes before midnight. What’s up with that?

  41. just recieved my upodated to froyo.. got it at August 19th at 2:25am… its booting up as i type this… luckily it didnt brick my phone.. thanks verizon

  42. Ok Verizon, where is the so call update to day is the 19th and no update I said this before, I done this was a marketing hype some owners received this to see if would work others have not. I Done this is worth breaking my contract. Apple here I come

  43. Here it is August 19th and I still don’t have the update. Maybe today!

  44. It is now 6am PST on the 19th and I still haven’t gotten the ota. Woo fun

  45. It’s the 19th and no OTA update for me yet. I am using PagePlus but they use Verizon’s service. Anyone directly on Verizon still not received the Froyo update on their Droid?

  46. The update 2.2 is going to take longer than the 18 they had to slow it down. Maybe be done at the end of the week.

  47. Here we are on August 19, 2010 and it’s approximately 2pm EST and still no update on my original Moto Droid. I know of guy who also got an original Moto Droid in Nombember 2009 about a month before I got mine in December 2009 and other than the keyboard buttons being a little different, the phone is generally the same and he got his update around the first week of August. What the heck is up with this sporadic release on different phones? It’s bad enough Verizon is one of the most expensive phone carriers amongst all others, but to make us wait so long for this update, especially after how much we pay for what we get is ridiculous.

  48. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O7VL94AG. Download the 2.2 update yourself here easy to do download move to the root of ur sd card (meaning make sure the file isent in a folder) with astro file manager. Make sure its named update.zip. turn ur phone off hold the x button turn it on keep holding the x button till a system screen comes up hit the camra and volume up button go to install update.zip then after done go to restart. Take a while to load the first time. But that’s all u do.

  49. Wow I was excited and amazed that I finally got the OTA update today on the same day I was griping about not having it around 2pm EST. I received the Froyo 2.2 update around 7pm EST. FINALLY!

  50. My phone keeps dying after the update yesterday can’t stay on my phone more then 5 minutes and then it dies I didn’t even know there was gonna be on update except when I woke up my phone said updates available.now I’m pissed and about to go to verizon and throw my phone at them.can any one explain this I didn’t even do it manually and still having problems

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