AT&T-Bound Motorola FlipOut (Chindi?) Pops Up Again, Has a Yellow Back


We first got word that AT&T would be carrying a squarish Motorloa device (that looked to be a Motorola FlipOut) when a photo was leaked with shortcuts to AT&T apps on the device’s homescreen and AT&T’s carrier branding on the lockscreen. The little bugger has popped back, apparently, but Gizmodo describes it as having a sliding mechanism. We’re not sure if this is confirmed or if they just weren’t sure what to call the FlipOut’s method for exposing the full 5-ROW QWERTY keyboard, but it does look exactly the same save for one glaring feature: It has a yellow (orange? I’m colorblind.) backside.


Not entirely surprising considering AT&T’s Aria is drowned in yellow on the inside (only visible when removing the battery cover), but still just as quirky. It’s said that AT&T’s version is codenamed the Motorola Chindi, but this probably won’t end up being the device’s marketed name.

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