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Motorola’s keeping their arms just as wide as they’ve ever had them to invite developers to create apps for many of Motorola’s newest smartphones (which are all Android, obviously). With that, they’ve started up a series of videos dubbed MOTODEV News where they’ll discuss the latest in the world of Motorola such as new devices, new features and development in SHOP4APPS and MOTODEV Studio for Android, plus more.

If you want to follow along, start with the video above they’ve posted Monday and be sure to subscribe to the MOTODEV YouTube channel to make sure you aren’t missing out on more.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Now, I haven’t watched the video yet, but if this is either a new application store, or motorola specific applications, as a developer and as a user, I’m really against this. Please tell me I’m wrong.

  2. Talk to the Android developers with Apple notebooks ? ha ?

  3. Lol they use apple notebooks because there high end and reliable. Apple is not the enemy att and restriction is the enemy.

  4. one more reason why i’m dumping my cliqXT and never ever buying moto hardware again.

    moto’s codemonkeys should be working overtime to bring the cliqs up to 2.1 instead of this press release horsecrap.

  5. I joined MOTODEV a long time ago, and really the forums were slow, answers to questions never came, and it pretty much felt second rate to me. I asked Moto to remove all my apps from SHOP4APPS since they were not getting anywhere.

    I for one don’t support any third party stores. Let’s stick with what works, google’s android market.


  6. Agree with @Brad 2! Motorola not cashing in big enough with android as it is? Are they going for their own droid only market where apps like easy root would never find their way to a helplessly locked down droid? motorola, focus! U suck at developing software! Compare sense and blur…… Nuff said. You, can however, slap together some sweet new droids with the already existing android. Google and the market have us covered. We want hardware from u. K? Focus now. Stay with the consumer on this one.
    @Mikeeeee ithinl the clique and its update, well…. That is tmobile. Why is the mytouch still running 1.6? Apps are no longer optimized for that system. Ugh. Tmo is confusing me. Plus their 3G network is super small. Now they stop rolling it out so they can compete with sprints 4G. At least verizon covers me 3G anywhere I travel.

  7. Two of the most boring people I have ever watched.

  8. @Evo2droidx sorry man but Mikeeeee is right. Motorola has completely failed at updating their first android devices and it has left a bad taste in my mouth as well. I am a Cliq owner and have heard promise after promise that we were getting updated to 2.1 and still nothing. It is the responsibility of Motorola and NOT T-mobile to provide this update (Motoblur was developed by Motorola).

    I for one will not be buying another Motorola product for this reason and I hope others feel the same way.


  9. Moto podcast or videocast is sooooooooooo boring!

  10. hey folks. Thanks for the feedback. 1st episode and it only can get better. We plan on bringing in other MOTODEV experts plus the community. In terms of SHOP4APPS, it is available for consumers to get free and fee-based apps in China (which is a huge mobile market and Android Market is not there) plus in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Developers have an opportunity to create Android applications specifically targeted to those regions and we’re here to help.

    @Brad2 sorry we didn’t meet your expectations. We’re looking to improve and would like to chat with you over the phone if that’s cool with you.
    @G8D ha…we’ll bring a clown next time hopefully that will be more entertaining.
    @Edouard @Mikeeee Evo2droidx will relay the feedback to the product teams.

  11. Randy, I am sure you know, but a lot of comments tend to be negative on here (mine included sometimes, haha) I for one as a developer think that this is a great service and it appears you guys (motorola) are trying fix the glaring holes with developer support that has existed in the past. If I see the market grow larger and these markets prove to spend some money we will consider putting some of our apps in there, but it is hard to keep up with all the different stores, outlets, etc. I think helping google expand into these countries rather than try to beat them to the punch would be a better idea in the long run, but at least this keeps the game more interesting!

  12. they are using macs
    these are not proper java devs

  13. @Randy Ksar

    The issue is that my apps are paid apps, and Shop4apps had no support for paid apps unless you actually lived in China, for example. As a US resident I couldn’t see how to sell paid apps in China with it, it would not work. So there was no need to have them.

    Questions about solutions to that problem were posted but no answer was given except it was being worked on and to stay tuned. I don’t believe the issue was ever concluded.


  14. @Brad2 hey Brad. Actually a couple of months ago we launched developer payments via PayPal for those based outside of China. So now you can actually sell paid apps in China.

    Check out this blog post:

  15. Thanks Randy, I’ve resubmitted by app and look forward to getting some sales in China now ! :)


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