HTC USA Now Offering Nexus One Accessories


One of the biggest questions many Nexus One users had when Google decided to pull the plug on distribution of the phone themselves was: “How will we be able to purchase non-used accessories?” Thankfully, HTC acknowledged the murmurs and began offering them on their European site. At that time, we weren’t sure if users in other parts of the world (see: United States) would be able to get accessories without the need to import them, but that question has since been answered: Accessories for the Nexus One are now available on HTC America’s site. You might want to act with haste, too, as there’s no telling what kind of stock HTC still has their hands on (nor do we know if they’ll only be offering accessories for a limited time).


[HTC America via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. WOW.

    Saying the original price was $99 on sale for 59.99?

    Thats ridiculous! If i’m not mistaken, the dock was $45 dollars from google?

  2. @Montster Your right because I didn’t pay $59.99 for mine like 4 or 5 months ago.

  3. Yep…. $45, just checked my Google. Checkout account… maybe it’s that much in Europe…

  4. I also paid $45 for the desktop dock and the car dock. One thing I noticed on the HTC site:

    Google Nexus One Metallic Hard Shell Case – Black
    Product Price: $19.99
    Your Price: $24.99

    Act fast! With savings like these, oh wait, nevermind…
    I miss the Google Store :'(

  5. @Andrew I paid $45 in the U.S. and the prices on this story are for the U.S. HTC store.

    @Chris LOL I just saw that “saving” to bad I would have paid $20 maybe they will fix it soon.

  6. … and they’ll be offering them out to the incredible owners when?

  7. @jwg802 Well the Nexus has been out for 8 months so for the Incredible I say around December. You could also keep an eye out for I have bought cases from all around the world for my Nexus but they are on a whole different level compared to everyone else:

  8. am I the only one who noticed that the shipping is free?
    sure it was only $45 on google’s site but the shipping must have been at least ten bucks so you’re really not losing much

  9. @Samuel $45 + $10 = $55 this one is $60 without shipping and I think the $10 was for faster shipping before not 3 to 5 days.

  10. Wow, all those people that though they were clever and were selling N1 accessories like the Nexus One dock (from the UK) for $150.00 on eBay are going to be pissed.

  11. @jdog thanks for the pro tip. I’m pretty sure I got an A+ university calculus and matrix algebra this year. I think I can figure out what 45+10 is. Like I said, “you’re not really losing much.” In other words, you’re losing 5 bucks, which is not much. I don’t really know how much shipping was though cause I’m in canada so I got screwed with shipping. BTW, is there any way to get an N1 dock in canada now?

  12. @Samuel
    Just got off the phone with the “HTC Online Store” (actually a company called “LetsTalk”) and they will not ship to Canada for any price (boo!). I’ve found some stuff listed on, but it’s backordered and quite expensive (a dock will run you about $115 after shipping).

    Anyone else have any bright ideas for buying a nexus dock from Canada without getting screwed too badly on the price?

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