Reserve the Xperia X10 for AT&T through Sony Style



If you are eagerly awaiting the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for AT&T, here is your chance to get yours reserved. The Sony Style site is offering pre-orders of the device for $129.99 with a two-year contract. The device is a bit late to the American market with a pre-2.0 version of Android on board, though hopefully this should see an update sometime soon. The Xperia line of phones has received a mixed reception so far, but they still offer some nice features with a unique take on an Android skin. Head over to Sony Style to get yours squared away now before the August 16th release.

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  1. Don’t buy it. Please.

  2. if u buy this device several kittens will be slaughtered please do not buy this device PLEASE!

  3. who would want it? it’s like last years model phones

  4. old news
    sony failed
    trying to hype crap device that they cannot update to 2.1 anytime soon

  5. I understand that this phone is behind in the OS department (1.6), but the actual device specs keep it competitive. On AT&T its beyond competitive… Why the hate?

  6. How is it bad that another manufacture embraced Android? Granted they’re a little slow to the punch. This is one more form factor choice for the consumer.

  7. there is no point to buy this device if its goin to have lock for 3rd party applications.
    Beside sony sucks for ruining a great phone, im just surprised that this device was shown after the droid was released, but somehow it managed to go with android 1.6, surprised!!!
    Motorola, sony ericsson, and samsung all sucks!!!

  8. Yeah I agree with Rob, you guys are like the ones who start the flame wars about which distro of linux people should be using. I am just happy when people adopt/support linux. The whole reason Android is such a superior mobile OS is because it is open and can be adapted by any handset maker to run on their hardware. And not all Android users are power users. There has to be a few devices for the market that just wants a phone with a pretty interface and makes good phone calls. The X10 meets those criteria and 90% of the global phone users really don’t know or care about what version their mobile phone is running. For the 10% like us that do, we know better.

  9. nobody would have a problem with this phone if it at least had 2.1

  10. We care because more 1.6 phones = fewer apps that use 2.1/2.2 features.

  11. All you haters have probably never held a decent phone in your petite ugly hands. This is a great piece of hardware that is much more user friendly than Droid, which 2 of my colleagues have (Milestone), with all the Droid’s useless features like magnet hating sensor and crappy keyboard. So STFU, and embrace the fact that such a strong market player as SE promotes our favorite platform everywhere. Frankly, I think half of the people, who yells EPIC FAIL lately on this site are just lurking Apple fanboys. I’m done reading stupid comments under every X10 news.

  12. I owned a Rogers X10, bought right after launch. It’s a tragedy. No multitouch, ever. Android 1.6 forever, next update is months away in reality, and then it’s just going to be 2.1. Bootloader is locked. Rooting took months to crack.

    It’s a decent consumer device, but is a lousy enthusiast device. Long story short, if you’re on Phandroid reading this, the X10 is not a device for you.

    Swapped the X10 for a Milestone and didn’t look back (even though the ‘Stone is locked up too, it’s at least running a mostly stock 2.1, which is a HUGE improvement over TimeScape). Milestone LCD was of better quality as well, and it does support multi-touch in the hardware.

    Now I’m sporting a Captivate, and I gotta why anyone would pick up an X10 on AT&T…besides more megapixels and a flash, it does nothing better than the Captivate, and almost everything much, much worse. For only $50 more, the Captivate is a no-brainer.

  13. This is a horrible handset it has been since prototype, stay well clear and get a decent handset…

  14. xperia is Sony’s version of the Behold 2. But just as B2 paved the way for the Galaxy S, perhaps the lessons learned with this phone will lead the way to a really cool Playstation Phone with Android 3.0

  15. @Croak

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. No multitouch hardware in a 2010 device WTF Sony!!! Why would anyone buy this version 1.6 crap?


  16. I’ll wait till the PlayStation phone comes out before I get the X10 or I will wait till SONY gets their asses through their head to update to 2.1 while everybody gets a 2.1 or 2.2.

  17. @ari-free You might be on to something, if SE just had a track record of iterating on a concept and learning from past mistakes. They usually try once, fail, sometimes twice and fail.

    I give them mad props for big balls, and they usually come out with really great industrial designs, but they also need to realize that industrial design is only half the equation, at most. Shit’s gotta work, shit’s gotta be competitive in the quarter it ships, if not the entire year, and then they need to support the shit after the sale.

    They constantly drop the ball on this sort of thing. They’re just not agile, and even with HTC helping them on the original Xperia, they still fuck shit up.

  18. Someone here said it best its not the most advanced handset out there. BUT for 95% for the general public It is far more than they have ever had. It is cheaper than Captivate if you haven’t played with Timescape you really have no idea how cool that is. I keep hearing it will get an update sooner or later.
    Its great device for the consumer market and the price along with the few feature makes it a better deal. We all know the public care about rice above all else.

  19. We have a an X10, it is a decent phone, but it is still running 1.6 and won’t be upgraded until at least October. For the price the Samsung Galaxy S is a way better phone, we have one as well as a Nexus One we use for testing. We got the Xperia as it is popular in Japan but were disappointed it is still running outdated Android versions.

    I like the X10 mini and hope they launch it soon with 2.1. I would probably buy a few for the office as they are cheaper than the X10 and would be great demo units.

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