K-Mart No Longer Stocking Augen Gentouch Tablet?



The Augen Gentouch 78 tablet has been in the news quite a bit recently. It first popped up as a pleasant surprise in K-Mart’s inventory without much prior information to its release, only for new buyer’s to find out it contained an unlicensed Android Market that couldn’t download and install applications to the device. While the development community is busy hacking the device and getting CyanogenMod 6 up and running on the tablet, it appears that K-Mart may be pulling it’s stock of the GenTouch 78.

One member at the Forum ordered the tablet a few days back only to receive notice of the orders cancellation. A follow up call to K-Mart customer support and some searching by the sales rep turned up word that all stock of the tablet was out and K-Mart has no immediate plans to restock.

So why the sudden change? It could very well have to do with Augen trying to save face after using an unlicensed version of Android and still including Google’s mobile app suite. They were able to come to an agreement with Google to remove the apps from all future production units, but there was no word on recalling current stock. Looks like those that got their hands on the device early may have lucked out, even without fully functional Google apps. The Gentouch 78 was quite a steal at only $150.


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  1. How is that an agreement? Removing the apps? lol

  2. Someone on one of the other tech blogs contacted Augen and they told them there were only around 2500 units in the first shipment. They may have simply sold out. In that case K-Mart would view them as a successful product and order more probably specifying that everything be legit with it. But I’m sure we’ll see a lot of tablets likes this in the fall.

  3. So bummed I was looking at getting one of these and rooting 2.2 on it for school. Put docs to go (or the office editor suite of choice) on it and it is better than a pen and notebook or laptop for class. 150 would have been a steal.

  4. the top HDTV’s are by Vizio, a brand that you probably never heard of, simply because they are sold at mass market store such as walmart, costco, etc. Once an android tablet goes mass market, it will dominate just like Vizio. If augen wants to be another Vizio, they will need to put more effort.

  5. I bought one. Out of the box, it is a barely functional product. The average person would be disappointed with it or probably find it unusable.

    It is definitely for the rooting community, because if you can get CM6 loaded on it, it is a really cool tablet for the price.

    It will definitely satisfy my tablet jones until late this year or early next year when the big names drop their tricked out $300 tablets on the market.

  6. Right now the early Chinese built devices will dominate because they are already available from Hong Kong web sites. They just need a US importer to get them in stores here. Later the Asus, Acer and whatever mass market bigger named tablets will show up. I saw this with the hybrid HD cameras as the first couple of years it was Sanyo, Aiptek and few others. Now everyone seems to have a hybrid HD camera available. Lots of companies will want in on the Android device market.

    Go to CES and look around at all the little booths where Asian engineers are pitching stuff they’ve designed in hopes of some distributor or big company picking up. There’s very interesting stuff that never makes the light of day. Take along a good pair of shoes, well cushioned for that floor.

  7. i have a augen gen touch and dont really know why i bought it..i guess just to have one and would sell it for 100 bucks if anyone would like is the first batch and has android market on it. and i will pay for can hit me up at [email protected]

  8. I was at today and they state ready to ship. only 169.99

  9. @ CaptBebops:

    The Hong Kong tablets are here. I see them on Craigslist constantly here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, most in the $150-200 price range. I was curious about them, but not curious enough to drop the money on one.

  10. Anyone know about using this with a usb gps receiver?

  11. I hope this doesn’t come across bad but it’s actually “Kmart” and not “K-Mart”.

  12. Augen is shipping Augen Gentouch78 to Kmart. Augen Gentouch78 will be available at your local KMart store very soon.

  13. They’re still selling them in the stores.


  15. Got my raincheck call today, 8/17/2010. Southwest Missouri.

  16. Kmart called me today they have received more of them. I had a raincheck

  17. Also they just released their big patch. It fixes many errors but comes with a price – you`ll lose ALL Goole apps if you install it! …

  18. Check this site out
    it should help u get started hackin your gentouch!!

  19. If you can’t find one at kmart try mine will be here today.

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