Aug 13th, 2010


The Augen Gentouch 78 tablet has been in the news quite a bit recently. It first popped up as a pleasant surprise in K-Mart’s inventory without much prior information to its release, only for new buyer’s to find out it contained an unlicensed Android Market that couldn’t download and install applications to the device. While the development community is busy hacking the device and getting CyanogenMod 6 up and running on the tablet, it appears that K-Mart may be pulling it’s stock of the GenTouch 78.

One member at the Forum ordered the tablet a few days back only to receive notice of the orders cancellation. A follow up call to K-Mart customer support and some searching by the sales rep turned up word that all stock of the tablet was out and K-Mart has no immediate plans to restock.

So why the sudden change? It could very well have to do with Augen trying to save face after using an unlicensed version of Android and still including Google’s mobile app suite. They were able to come to an agreement with Google to remove the apps from all future production units, but there was no word on recalling current stock. Looks like those that got their hands on the device early may have lucked out, even without fully functional Google apps. The Gentouch 78 was quite a steal at only $150.