Animal Planet App Pounces into the Android Market



Are you an animal lover? How about an Animal Planet lover? If you enjoy the oftentimes quality programming of Discovery’s Animal Planet, you’ll probably get a real kick out of their totally free new Android app. Get clips from Animal Planet shows, photo galleries, and TV schedules all of your Android handset.

You can grab it in the Android Market now by searching “Animal Planet” or you can follow this link to its AndroidApplications page for the QR or to market link.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. This app has been in the market for a while. My daughter has been using it for a few weeks and she loves it.

  2. Been using this for like a month, wish it had full length shows on it though…

  3. Sounds like another blah application from a major tv network. Oh well i’m sure people will enjoy streaming clips… But with a flash enabled phone wouldn’t the website just be better to visit then an app?

  4. Full episodes would have made all the VIDEO ADS more tolerable, but it’s simply not worth watching a 1.5 minute clip and then a 30 second video ad… mobile data isn’t cheap!

  5. This…is news? It’s been on the market for a month or so.

  6. How can you find this app on android market mobile i searched and can’t still find it

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