Motorola Droid 2 Keyboard Showcased in TV Spot


Motorola and Verizon might not have hyped the initial launch of the Droid 2 like they did with the Droid X, but that doesn’t mean they don’t plan to advertise the device. Proof being this Droid 2 TV spot in the same vein as the recent commercials for the X. Watch as the Droid overtakes its human master’s hands. We should be seeing more of this sort of thing for the Droid 2 as the end of August nears and the hype for the Droid X dies down.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. sickness.

  2. Can’t watch the video for somereason?

  3. Mason, are you on an iPhone? j/k, couldn’t resist. :)

  4. Whatever company they have hired to create the CGI in these TV spots has got to be really pulling down the dough right now!


  5. Ewwww creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Terminator style :)

  6. I have to admit there advertisement is always on point. Sometimes before they even mention the phone you would think it’s a preview to a upcoming movie.

    & then they’re great devices at that.

  7. All these Droid ads need to be compiled into one awesome movie. just sayin’.

  8. I went to the Verizon store thinking that I will fall in love with the drioud 2 and pick it up to replace the X that I got less than a month ago but I am so use the bigger 4.3 in screen and droid 2 looks tiny. Walked away and kept my $50 restocking fee. I couldnt give up the 8.0 MP camera either.

  9. @comment 8.. I am sure many did the same thing…and to the the guy who wrote this article I don’t think the X will die to the little hype of the D2…I mean they gave it 2.2 over the X just to give it some hype…

  10. WOW, love this commercial. It is so Terminator and future feeling. Keep it up VZ and MOTO.

  11. @UniqueNate & George Anderson

    I saw Dinner for Schmucks a couple weeks ago and the during the previews, they played a droid x commercial and literally half the people in the packed movie theater had to have thought it was a movie teaser at first.
    I could tell by their unison grunt when the guy reached in to the ball and the droid x popped up that they were expecting some cool “droid” movie.

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