TweetDeck Teases Us With 20 Seconds of Android App Action


Many of you were excited that TweetDeck would be bringing an Android app out soon – with a public beta starting sometime this week – but I can’t imagine how you’ll react to a quick video that the company’s CEO  has put out showing the login process. I know: what’s exciting about someone logging in?

If you know TweetDeck, you know their great support for multiple accounts and you know how they liked to keep everything synced up across the board. In the video, watch as Iain logs in and – without delay – gets access to all of the accounts he has stored under his one TweetDeck login and sees them synced up.

Yup, I’m watering at the mouth too. Bring it on, TweetDeck!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Umm… K. Great you can log in… is it just a glorified friend stream?

  2. Even the best Twitter app doesn’t get me excited at all.

  3. Zach, do you know what tweetdeck is?

    TweetDeck is a desktop app that allows multi login/management of LinkedIn, Google Buzz, FourSquare, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter, etc

    Basically you get that desktop app on your phone, much like the mobile apps for Seesmic and HootSuite (except HootSuite only has twitter even after you pay for it)

    I’m pumped for this and have been waiting for it since I got my Incredible

  4. No Thanks. I will keep my Hootsuite. Twitter,Facebook,RSS,Likedin, all in one place, pluse……it’s stable.

  5. I ain’t biting unless it has a well featured widget. It’s widgets that make Android great and useful, and a Twitter app should have that. Not a one line nonsense like the official app or the limited window like friendstream.
    It should also sync with the desktop app to show you already read those 50 tweets on the phone.

  6. @Bob Agreed, all signs point to a severe decline by normal people and ultimately it will just become an easy to use shoutbox for brands and crazy celebrities (aren’t they one in the same, really?) to promote themselves with… “twitter is a feature, not an app…”

  7. Everybody hates Sense but all these Developers, try and make the same apps as HTC.

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