LG Looking to Ship 6 Million Smartphones This Year, 70% to Run Android


While LG’s mobile division may have gotten off to a rocky start this year, they aren’t going to just wait while every other competitor with Android soars in their endeavors. In an attempt to streamline their portfolio, LG’s looking to cut their handset offering in half – 70 models down from 145 – in order to more easily put the spotlight on some flagship devices they’re most certainly going to be brewing up soon.


Out of those 70 models, 20 will be smartphones. Out of those 20? 15 will be running Android. They’ve already stated they wanted to release 20 new Android handsets this year, and with a few of them already released and doing quite decent for themselves on the market, the remainder of the goal should hopefully get things turned back around for their failing division.

They’re projecting to sell 6 million smartphones before the year is over: 30% of them would be running Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7, while the other 70% will be Android based. Sounds good to us.

[The Korea Times via IntoMobile]

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  1. LG’s looking to cut their handset offering in half – 70 models down to 145?
    might want to hit the edit button.

  2. Why can’t Nokia follow this sage advice for renewal?

  3. 15/20 = 75% BTW

  4. @JohnBarry the 70% wasn’t for the 15/20 handsets, it was for how many Android handsets they expect to sell vs Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7.

  5. Or whatever other OS they may decide to use for future smartphones.

  6. @Steve
    Steve, you may want to hit the proofread button…It says, “70 models down FROM 145”.

  7. let’s hope they have their own version of the “galaxy s” with a retinal display

  8. Steve, I read “70 models down FROM 145”

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