Samsung Mobile Unveils Some Nice Galaxy S Accessories


What’s a phone without some great accessories to back it up? Samsung’s unveiled a premium line of accessories for their Samsung Galaxy S phones – all inclusive – that should get a majority of you potential buyers (and current owners) ready to throw down the green for them. Offerings include a desktop and car dock, a backup battery charging station, and protective cases in a variety of colors and material.


The docks will automatically launch certain applications just as you expect them to. In the car? It’ll bring up navigation and GPS features without your prompt. Both the desktop and car dock will charge the device will it’s resting inside. The charging station also comes with a 1500 mAh battery – negating the need to buy your own if you were going to get this – and a backup wall charger.

Additional accessories include screen protectors (no-one surprised? Oh.) and the Samsung WMG160 which will allow you to stream content from your Galaxy S phone directly to your HDTV. Read on for the full press details.



New class of smart phone accessories feature compact desktop dock, convenient portable vehicle dock, and affordable spare battery charging solution to help make the Galaxy S smart phone experience brilliant

DALLAS, August 11, 2010 — Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile)1, the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S., today announced a line of premium accessories for the Android™-powered Galaxy S smart phone portfolio. The lineup of premium Galaxy S accessories, including a convenient desktop dock, vehicle dock and backup battery charging system, will provide users with an enhanced mobile experience for each of the Galaxy S smart phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S accessory lineup includes a small, compact desktop dock providing consumers an easy-to-use option to view their favorite movies, listen to music, display as a digital picture frame and use the desktop speakerphone when making hands-free calls while at a desk or in a home office. The Galaxy S desktop dock, which also doubles as a charger, allows for useful application downloads and internet browsing features such as Google Search™ by Voice, which allows users to speak their search query. Users can download the Desk Home application from the Android marketplace by searching for “desk home Samsung”. The Desk Home application can switch brightness levels from day to night and provides one-touch access to the Daily Briefing, alarm clock, music, pictures, movie gallery and local weather so that you can always stay up-to-date with daily activities.

The Galaxy S portable vehicle dock allows users to mount their device to a car windshield or dashboard and display turn-by-turn instructions for a safe, hands-free GPS navigation experience. Users can receive and display the latest traffic alerts, location-based information and activate the Google Search™ by Voice features when the Galaxy S smart phone is in the vehicle dock. The lightweight vehicle dock rotates freely between landscape and portrait modes and is attachable to either the windshield or car dashboard. The vehicle dock also contains a micro USB connection to conveniently charge a phone while in-use.

The Samsung Galaxy S accessories lineup offers an affordable charging solution that includes three components such as an extra 1500 mAh battery, a spare battery charger with phone stand and a wall charger for charging your phone and spare battery separately. The backup charger is small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or briefcase to transport and protect a charged backup battery allowing users smart phones to always stay powered-up while on-the-go.

Customers can also personalize Galaxy S smart phones with multiple protective case options, available in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics to fit the needs of each consumer’s personal style. Additional Galaxy S accessories include a three-pack screen protector set with anti-scratch, mirror, and privacy screens as well as the Samsung WMG1602 Wi-Fi HD streaming device. The Samsung WMG160 allows users to stream movies, music, and photos directly from a Galaxy S smart phone to an HDTV.

For more information on retail availability and a complete list of Galaxy S accessories, visit

1 Number one mobile phone provider in the U.S claim for Samsung Mobile based upon reported shipment data, according to Strategy Analytics, Q1 2010 U.S. Market Share Handset Shipments Reports.
2 Also compatible with other DLNA compliant devices such as laptops or cameras. Check device compatibility at

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  1. Link? These products have been on Samsung’s site for ages, just always listed with the “Out of Stock Price.” I just went over to their site again to try to find the stuff, & sure enough, it’s still listed as OOS….

  2. I was hoping it would be GPS that actually works, and a compass that isn’t broken, but guess not :-(

  3. Yeah, sorry Samsung but a car dock is worthless to me until you fix your worthless GPS…

    Oh, and the accessories all seem to have rounded edges, so are not Captivate friendly, thanks again…

  4. Did anyone else notice that the phone had a Verizon tag on it? Didnt know Verizon was getting this phone. Or did I miss something.

  5. After almost 3 months the EVO 4G has next to no accessories. Very frustrating.

  6. How does the audio get to the dock? I see an audio out on the back of the dock. Does it feed through the microusb connector?

  7. The only Galaxy S Phone that matters is the EPIC. Since Sprint Quit on the EVO Docks….hopefully Samsung is on the ball.

  8. Fix the GPS NOW!

  9. Also waiting on the desk dock to not be OOS. Also wondering how the audio is handled.

  10. Fix the GPS before selling on these accessories! no one need a car dock with a broken GPS and COMPASS!

  11. Epic. Schmepic.

  12. I posted in the Epic 4G forums 2 months ago in regards to the Epic 4G receiving the elusive home docking station seen in the international Galaxy S pictures and videos and now my hopes have come true!…This is awesome!….Now all I need is the release date for the Epic 4G and I will be one extremely happy Epic 4G owner in waiting!

  13. if y’all still waiting on a gps fixs, then i don’t know what you are really waiting on.. they already got a fix for it on xda. see me i never wait for anything to happen. i go out there and get it!!

  14. whatev cut the narishkeit, you nudnik

  15. @cwalker30 that fix does not work for everyone. Never seemed to help me get a GPS lock any faster (using a T-Mobile Vibrant). Also my phone has locked up on at least 4 occasions while using Nav or other GPS apps. Additionally, the xda fix never even claimed to fix the issues with the compass, so there are still some things for Samsung to work out here. I’m returning the phone to T-Mobile this week and waiting on the Epic.

  16. @Kevlar: Yes, Verizon is getting a version of the Galaxy S. It’s called the “Fascinate” and will have an LED flash. It should be out this Fall.

    I kind of hope it comes out sooner. Before I found that out, I scheduled to have my Verizon account terminated because I bought the Vibrant on T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s rates are awesome (even the early termination fee is cheaper than other carriers) but their coverage is craptastic.

  17. What is wrong with Samsung’s marketing department? They listed these products in their online store about mid July, around the time the Captivate was released (except the car dock — that I hadn’t seen). But, as has already been pointed out in the comments, they have been out of stock since being listed.

    The only dock that looks useful (for the Captivate) is the battery charger (

    Here is the MicroUSB -> HDMI cable (out of stock…what a surprise). Unfortunately, the cable doesn’t appear to be compatible with any phones, just…hard drives? WTF? ;-)

  18. …and in other news, HTC Incredible cried all the way home.

    What are the chances that car dock will work with my INC?

  19. It’s hilarious that they appear to be picturing the Fascinate in the car dock, but in Home dock mode (desktop dock with the clock, dimmer, etc) :-)

  20. Sprint just announced the realse date for Galaxy S and the price is not waht i have been looking for . First they said the the price with 2 years contarct would be less then EVo and no it is 249 dollars after 100 dollars mail in rebate .
    sorry sprint , I pass .
    so the freaking phone cost you around 300 dollars plus a halfty 90 dollars a month . I can lease a smart car with that price , do not believ it go and look
    by the way realse date is 08/31/2010

  21. What a crock – Samsung you have lost a loyal customer by not resolving the GPS issues. Your technical support in Cairo knew considerably less about the phone than I did after owning it for 48hours and they never called back within 2 hours despite over 10 calls to your Tech Support line. IF YOU WANT TO SELL THESE PRODUCTS, FIX YOUR GALAXY S 1st!!!!

  22. how can this charging station work with a Vibrant? The one I saw at the T-mobile store had a micro USB connection not a mini USB connector like in the picture above. Can anyone with a Vibrant or verify this?

    The text even says micro USB but that picture has a mini USB on it.

  23. @ Jackchaos – Dude are you seeing the same picture as the rest of us or do you know not know what micro usb is?? Thats a micro if I ever saw one…anyone got my back on this most simple sighting??

  24. This is great news for anyone with the Galaxy S.

  25. Fix the GPS on Samsung Vibrant!

  26. @hampteezy, yes that’s a micro USB for sure. I took the bait got Vibrant from WalMart online for $0 (after $90 rebates)with new 2yr. Satisfied with the device so far (2 weeks), xda fix worked for me, so having no GPS or compass problems here in SoCal.

  27. Guys the GPS issue can be easily solved just search youtube for GPS issue fix video.
    Its really simple Just try it…

  28. I’m very very sad with the lack of accessories for the Vibrant. T-Mobile doesn’t have much and Samsung doesn’t have much. Come on, people. Support the phone you’re pushing!

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