A Galaxy S Phone Overclocked to 1.6 GHz Would Make My Head Explode


The Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate, specifically) was successfully overclocked to 1.2GHz the other day  (stability pending), but what if you could overclock it to 1.6GHz? According to the hacker that produced the first OC kernel for the device, it’s definitely possible. It’s very scary, too. I could run the Pentagon with a 1.6GHz Samsung Galaxy S if the first small overclock is anything to go by. We’re not sure if he’ll be pushing the device that far – nor do I think we’ll get these kinds of speeds without some drawbacks to accompany it – but we’ll see if my head truly does explode once this is possible (hopefully sometime soon).


[XDA via  Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. A little bit of liquid nitrogen and you’re done :)

  2. that would be awesome to see it run at 1.6 GHz, but it would most likely take it’s toll on the battery and you might need a new way to keep the temp down, since it’ll have an increased chance of overheating. it if works, and is stable, i might look into overclocking my vibrant!

  3. Has anyone else noticed that Skyfire was updated to version 2.3 from 2.2 last night?

  4. Off topic, but has anyone else noticed that Skyfire was updated to version 2.3 from 2.2 last night?

  5. I’ve also done this with my Samsung Vibrant. I get a score of 2500+ after a fresh reboot, and never lower than 2222 after using it for a while.

    Here is how to do it:

  6. @nemesys06:
    My co-workers suggested that it would take a toll on battery/overheat as well. However, I have noticed nothing concerning either of those issues. Give it a shot… it’s completely reversible.

  7. I look at the Lag fix and it took my phone from scores in the 900s up to 2100s. That is all the increase that I need. I think the CPU is quite efficient as it is. However if they can figure out a way to utilize the GPU in calculations the phone would become even greater. :)

  8. Holy Mother… If i had a spare Vibrant and this was a stable (and i stress stable) procedure i might consider doing it

  9. @Terrell:
    It’s stable. You just need to be confident in yourself in doing it. Safe and reversible. :)

  10. @Quentyn Kennemer: “I could run the Pentagon with a 1.6GHz”

    Dont bet your life on it.

  11. Brian, didn’t you read that his head would explode if it got overclocked to 1.6? So he couldn’t bet his life on it because he would already be dead! Jeez, some people are so dense!

  12. 1.6 Ghz is incredible now. But am sure that in a years time their will be devices operating at 2.0

  13. Well, if it’s possible to land on the moon with the processing power of one of today’s graphing calculators….anything is possible.

  14. Exactly, Jeremy! ;)

  15. he said: but we’ll see if my head truly does explode once this is possible
    we’ll see…maybe it will and maybe it won’t

  16. Holy high Quadrant scores, Batman!

  17. you could have a liquid cooled cellphone in your pocket by constantly pissing your pants at how awesome your phone is… couldn’t resist!

  18. Once up to 1.5 GHz or so, it makes more sense to scale out. I’m expecting dual core and quad core chips on our Android phones in the near future! We can’t be that far away and lower GHz multi cores will give you excellent performance with less battery drain.

  19. With SetCPU it won’t operate fully at 1.6ghz, it can ramp up when it requires it.

    If they can get it stable, it can be just like the Droid (the droid is 600mhz, I have it up to 1.2ghz with no real drawbacks) that would be amazing.

  20. What benchmark app is that? I’ve been looking everywhere…

  21. OK guys…
    The link Dallas posted from the XDA forums is not CPU overclocking….
    What they are doing is adding more ram by borrowing memory from the 2gig of space reserved for app installation. It lowers your available app space down to 1gig but makes the phone blazing fast. FYI the G1 had about 76 Meg of space to install apps.

    Id does nothing to the clock speed of the CPU.

    2 totally separate things…

  22. Even better will be multicores! Someday I’ll be multi-tasking with those beyotches

  23. @denstark: It’s Quadrant Benchmark. :)

  24. @denstark : It is Quadrant

  25. Once again I JIT in my pants cant wait till 2.2 EPIC 4G here I Come !

  26. Thanks all!

  27. I’m getting the feeling that Quadrant puts too much weight on the I/O tests. It seems like using EXT2, while putting your data at risk, is much faster, and if Quandrant is weighting the I/O tests too heavily, it’ll artificially increase the score, even though the processor itself isn’t necessarily three times faster than the N1.

  28. Benchmarks are all fine and dandy, but I’ve tested out a few Galaxy S phone and all the ones I’ve tried have had a very noticeable lag.

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