HTC Now Upgrading EVO Users on the Unofficial FroYo Build


Great news for all of you HTC EVO 4G users that just couldn’t wait to get the upgrade to Android 2.2 pushed to you officially: HTC and Sprint’s now got a way to get you going, just as promised. There’s nothing complicated at all about this: you just go and check for your new software update at the usual menu (or wait for the file to be pushed to you OTA) and you follow the prompts as normal.


It brings you up to the .6 build that most EVO owners are now on and is just over 4MB in size. Now let’s try to be more patient from now on, mk?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Got it, worked like a charm, and I didn’t have to wipe my phone like the other morons who got the XDA version… LOL! Honestly I don’t notice a difference.

    Took about 5-10 minutes total (let it run while I was getting ready this morning). Thanks HTC you done fixed it!

  2. I didn’t notice a difference either. MP4’s and videos CREATED on the phone still playback choppy as hell ever since moving to froyo. Will Sprint wipe this phone and take me back to 2.1?

  3. if i upgrade my evo to 2.2 do i lose all my apps from 2.1 and my evo is rootet

  4. Why does the EVO get this before the Incredible? The Incredible came out first. Don’t they both run HTC’s Sense>

  5. WTF! Where is the DInc’s 2.2 Update?

  6. @frank uh what? there are problems with mp4s and video playback on froyo. it’s quite known.

  7. My Evo updated to .6 from .3 with no problems. ~ However, the 4G on my wife’s Official .6 Evo OTA update on August 3 connects, but my Fix .6 OTA update (on August 10) connects for about a second then drops the connection. We had No Problems connecting in suburbs prior to any 2.2 updates, but neither phone can now connect at home. Currently only her official update can keep a connection to 4G, and we’re in Dallas where coverage used to be awesome.

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