Droid 2 Pre-Sale Begins!


That’s right… you can now pre-order the Droid 2! If you’ve been waiting for the next generation of Verizon’s keyboarded Android glory, you might want to hop on it, because the first batch of hot new handsets seem to sell out rather quickly. This just landed in my inbox:


How many Droid OG’s are making the leap to a Droid 2? How many Android newcomers or folks coming from an existing Android phone that wasn’t the original Droid? I have to say… I’m eager to try this out and see how it compares to my old faithful Droid.

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  1. Surprised they are all $200

  2. that verizon logo makes it ugly :S

  3. Original Droid owners aren’t eligible yet, so unless your willing to pay full price…

    The Droid 2 is meant more as an update to the Droid, not so much to entice Droid owners to upgrade…the phone did come out only 9 months ago. One thing is if you bought your Droid the week it launched, you didn’t get shafted with the $350 ETF, and by now your ETF is only around $130. Knowing this, Verizon will be smart to offer us something soon…maybe that R2 model? Would be a smart choice since you can still get good money for your Droid on eBay.

  4. Now if somehow we could get Motorola to make a phone that wasn’t CDMA based and didn’t suck like the Cliq, I would buy it.

  5. I was gonna make the leap from D1 to D2…but then I heard about Droid-Pro coming later this year. I guess it’s just a D2…but with 4″ screen, 1.3GHz, etc. Might have to wait and hear more about Droid-Pro before jumping into a D2.

  6. I can see an ad in the link to preorder. Ha ha good job of monetization :)

  7. coooolish-wonder if it will out sell the X? Probably wouldnt if the X came with 2.2…

  8. MensahWatts a troll with a link in the name. Phandroid should automatically filter such posts

  9. Droid X should be between other two phones..

  10. Oops it is (in the actual site)

  11. Just ordered my first Droid. Finally I’ll be done with this garbage Curve. Hurrraahhh!

  12. OG Droid owner, not interested.

    I am willing to wait for LTE handsets. Besides, since I bought my Droid the day it came out, I have to wait til March 2011 to upgrade :-)

    Hopefully by then there will be 1.3GHz (or dual core!) and front-facing cameras…

  13. Does the Droid 2 run stock Android? I like Sense on the Droid Eris, but it lags…my contract is up in October. I’m trying to decide between the Droid 2, the Incredible and the Fascinate.

  14. Somehow managed to whip my non-gadgety fiancee up into a Droid2 frenzy. She was one of the people running into unavailable page just after midnight last night.

    She’s trading up from her original ENV1 dumbphone.

  15. Man, Droid2 looks mad!

    Just got a Droid and love it, especially the physical keyboard. *gasp*

  16. Just ordered it this morning and got my shipping confirmation earlier today as well. Hopefully I will be a happy first time droid owner. upgrading from a Curve 8330

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