TweetDeck for Android Beta Leaked Early


Ahead of TweetDeck’s schedule, the .APK file for what might be the beta for their official Android app has been leaked out. An anonymous tipster sent us the .apk file and – because we’re curious – we thought we’d give it a quick install. First thing’s first: when someone tells you it’s a beta, believe it in every sense of the word. The app isn’t at all ready for primetime, but we’re not slapping wrists here.

snap20100811_113154 snap20100811_113048

What we did get to try out looked pretty good so far, though. There are a lot of loose ends that TweetDeck is surely working on fixing up, but once they’re ready to push this to the Android market, I believe many of you won’t be disappointed. Look below for the full gallery of images taken on my HTC EVO 4G.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I am just not impressed with it. Glad that it is only beta. Not leaving touiter for this though.

  2. what program you use for this buttons on the bottom (in picture: snap20100811_113139) tnx

  3. I tend to agree with @jeff, unless the facebook and other streams work as well as everyone is saying it maybe worth jumping ship for a new app

  4. There’s been too much hype around this app & Tweetdeck is as much to blame for it than anyone. There’s bound to be many disappointed users in the beginning,

  5. @Jeff Unimpressed by something you’ve never actually used based on a few screenshots of a “beta”, way to jump the gun….

  6. @yohnzy It looks like ADW. I highly recomend it. Free and open source and available in the marketplace.

  7. That is actually Launcher Pro, not ADW.

  8. I have the beta now and already I havent been able to tweet using the app. Hoping this is just a glitch cause the app so far is very nice to use.

  9. @ CJ. I’m using it now. There is no widget. The app looks bland. Can’t customize it. Just a few of the things i don’t like. But again, it’s only beta. I’m sure that it will improve.

  10. Does anyone know how to get that orange wallpaper from the one image? Or is it a stock Evo wallpaper? I have the Droid X, and the stock wallpapers are terrible.

  11. It’s actually launcher pro.

    Excited about trying a new twitter app.

  12. I’ll give this app once it gets officially released…although I don’t see it making me want to drop Seesmic…

  13. Does it have a widget?

  14. yeah the iphone version was better I’m not impressed with it and i am using it. I don’t like the combined streams at all.

  15. Now that I’ve gone Sense-less and missing the Friendstream app, I’m going to use this no matter what cause there isn’t any other alternative…

  16. where is everyone getting this leaked file!!!

  17. @steve get zedge from the market for wallpapers

  18. The official @TweetDeck twitter posted this:

    “Leaked version of Android TweetDeck is an old build, recommend you avoid until real beta drops tomorrow”

  19. no widget, no install

  20. I am waiting for the friend widget to drop on launcher pro. So far he has released some good stuff so it is worth the wait.

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