HTC Glacier Shows Up in GLBenchmark Database – Is this T-Mobile’s Project Emerald?


Many of us are still trying to figure out what exactly “Project Emerald” is. Theories have come and gone, rumors have been laid to rest as new T-Mobile devices have been announced, released, and rumored, and we’re still back at square one. It looks like we could be inching closer to figuring out just what T-Mobile has in store for us. A phone by the name of “HTC Glacier” was spotted in GLBenchmark’s results database.


While there are no details about the device itself (there’s not even an image to be had yet), the benchmark results suggest that this phone is no stinker: it completely demolishes other 1GHz Snapdragon-based handsets on the CPU side yet. The GPU has yet to be tested so we can’t say how it’ll do up against Hummingbird-based Samsung Galaxy S phones or the iPhone 4 (but if the CPU tests are anything to go by, then this will pack just as much juice as the Hummingbird processor). We’ve heard for too long, now, that T-Mobile would be bringing a dual-core Snapdragon Android handset to their users, and if these results are to be trusted (or if the existence of the device within the database is to be trusted) this could very well be that device.


For comparison’s sake,  the HTC EVO 4G – a phone with a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 512MB of RAM – scored 516 frames for its CPU test. As for this so-called Glacier? How does 1432 sound to you? Pretty amazing. It’s believed that this is indeed the Project Emerald we’ve been hearing about as ABT – the outlet that broke the story – noticed two key things: all phones tested by the user are by HTC and all of those HTC phones just happen to be on T-Mobile.

The username “mbibik” also brings up an interesting result for T-Mobile’s Mike Bibik on LinkedIn. Don’t you just love a well put together mystery? The pieces fit wonderfully, but we still have to actually see the device in question. Hopefully those tidbits start to roll out sometime this fall as we expect this device near the end of the year (“Glacier” during the winter months? Hey, I can be quite the analyst, too.)


Make your way to AlienBabelTech for their full breakdown (including their analysis on whether this will have the 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz dual-core processor).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Really, and dual core and still only using 800×480?

  2. Really, dual core and still only 800×480.

  3. im on tmobile and things are looking bright i still have a g1 and now it looks like ill have some options what with the vision, mytouch hd, and apparently glacier, not to meantion the vibrant. maybe i can hold off on switching to spint for the evo

  4. I hope this is true and that T-Mobile actually brings this baby earlier

  5. Are t-mobile’s band’s compatible with any other service providers?

  6. Can’t wait! But really anything over 1ghz processor is unnecessary, they need to worry about a better GPU, touch sensors with at least 5 touch points and battery life.

  7. This could be the phone thats put T-mobile back on the map. This could be the one that makes me proud to be a T-mobile customer again. A seriouse “do it all” phone is just whats missing.

  8. I find it ironic that this mystery device’s rumored benchmarks indicate it will be very fast, yet it’s name ‘glacial’ is defined in Merriam Webster as ” suggestive of the very slow movement of glaciers”.

    I hope they come up with a better name before launch.

  9. I’d love for this to be true, but the dual core speculation coming from the fact that the cpu score is so high doesn’t make any sense since the vibrant score a 1400 too. I guess we’ll just see though.

  10. looks like HTC is finally stepping up to the plate so we shouldn’t worry about those quake video comparisons.

  11. i hope there will be a ffc. but its finally exciting to be a tomobile customer again :-)

  12. I have a few concern with the new software update, don’t know if it’s just me or the phone itself.I used to have swipe keyboard on my HTC Evo when I had the 2.1 work flawlessly but now, with the new update 2.2 froyo, my swipe keyboard completely stop. I still can used the keyboard method by typing but not swipe my fingers across the screen. If anybody know what’s the cause of it can you please let me know. I’m so used to swipe it seem like I’m malfunction without it

  13. aye…let this baby have a keyboard and a front facing camera and we are so in business

  14. @ Ayalew you can use it on AT&T minus 3g. So if you don’t mind edge, the use any tmo phone for att

  15. would this phone work in europe considering it uses GSM too?

  16. @ Ayalew & Beaver – Using a T-Mobile phone on a different network is possible if the other network is a GSM network. However, the 3G bands are the kicker. T-Mo uses the 1700 & 2100 Mhz 3G bands. AT&T uses 850 & 1900 Mhz for its 3G network. So, check your carrier’s bands. Oh, and something that we don’t know yet is whether this phone will be a Quad-Band “World Phone”, using all the standard GSM Voice bands, or if it will only be a Tri-Band phone that is compatible with the US and some European Countries.

  17. I’m really excited about this one. I bet the Glacier is the same thing as the MyTouch HD. I mean, how many super-phones can there really be coming down the pipe from HTC and going to T-Mo? As a T-Mobile and G1 user, this is very possibly the experience I’ve been holding out for…

  18. Last thing, I promise. I’m hoping it doesn’t have any missing features. I’m looking for a fast phone with at least a 5 MP camera w/ Flash, 3.7″ screen, trackball/optical pad (Necessary for my most-used apps), w/ video out. A Keyboard would be nice, but no longer necessary with Swype. The Nexus was missing the video out. The Evo was missing the optical Pad. The Vibrant was missing a Camera Flash. The upcoming Epic has it all, but if T-Mo at least announces this baby, I’ll stick with them. I love my phone bill, and 3G is all around my area. Signed, A Desperate T-Mobile User

  19. The Samsung Galaxy S still beats it in GlBenchmark though….

  20. My bad, Galaxy S is a little below….

  21. @kevin, bummer my carrier uses 900/1800. Guess 3G wont work, but everything else should be ok. In fact, i dont even use 3G and wasnt planning on anyway.

  22. @Kevin — I’m with you man. Trying really hard not to ditch the CLIQ right now especially with the Epic on the way

  23. I will stick with my Vibrant. Although this device will be ticket for some to stay with T-Mobile.

  24. @cherven: OS updates “break” swype. The best way I found to fix it is to uninstall Swype and reinstall. It’s possible that resetting the input type to the standard keyboard and back to swype will fix it, but no promises there.

  25. you are gonna get the poor guy fired with this

  26. @ Eddie Android, did you not read the article. This thing is benchmarking in at 1,432 frames, this beats the PowerVR SGX540 GPU on the Galaxy S phones.

  27. @Shawn1224….Nope, your wrong. The Galaxy S still WINS!!


  28. Ha Ha ok a mere 5 frames more. This thing is still a powerhouse and will be HTC’s 1st forray into high end graphic processors. I’m game since I hate Samsung with a passion.

  29. I got the Galaxy S and returned it within two weeks. My issues with it were that its not compatible with my line of work which requires a lot of traveling. With a lot of traveling, I had poor reception issues and HORRIBLE battery life. Don’t use it too much except for emailing and internet. Had task killer and everything. Was lucky enough if I got a full day out of it. Went back to G1 and still waiting for my upgrade for something worthwhile and this “Glacier” seems promising.

    Isn’t it suppose to be on the HSPA+ network as well? Lets hope it ships with 3.0 already installed and make me happy to be an android fan.

  30. The HTC Glacier results have been removed from the website since this blog post, haha.

    Bummer. ):

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