Go the Distance and Win a Samsung Epic 4G



Tired of playing the waiting game while the Samsung Epic 4G release date announcement — almost as highly anticipated as the actual handset — fails to materialize? Pass a few seconds of your time by entering to win one of ten Epic 4G devices being given away ss a promotional tie-in with the new Warner Bros.  film Going the Distance. You could also walk away with a four day, three night epic getaway for two and a grand of spending cash. Just head over to the contest site to enter and read the rules, and cross your fingers that you might be so lucky as to walk away with a brand-spanking new Epic 4G.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. did it

  2. Boo….must be a Sprint customer.

  3. Shame you have to be an existing Sprint customer…

  4. Entered! If I win the phone…great! If I win the trip it’ll be the honeymoon me and my fiance can’t afford!

  5. The phone is Great…Takin a random slut on a trip…wit a Stack in tow? Even better.

  6. @3 Phones Jugglin…..you’re an idiot

  7. Just entered. Now if they would finally give us a release date for the phone, everything would be great.

  8. Just re-read the official rules, the Grand Prize winner doesn’t win a phone, just the trip. Only the 10 First Prize winners get a phone (no service. The contest goes to Sept. 10th, does that mean the phone will not be available until then?

  9. Thanks. Is it sad that I’d rather win the phone than the trip!! LOL

  10. Wow. You have to be a Sprint customer. They would get a lot more entries and publicity about this if they let other people with other carriers enter. Plus, if someone who wasn’t on Sprint won the phone, like myself for example, I would now be a Sprint customer. Oh well. Poor rule if you ask me.

  11. where is this registration ? I could not find it anywhere . anybody got the link ?

  12. i entered though i have about as much chance as anyone. if i win the trip, that’d be what’s up. if i win the phone, even better. but one grand is tempting.

  13. anyone else get a chuckle that the sprint site for the promotion is using apple quicktime? lol, so much for flash.

  14. To bad I don’t have a passport the trip would be sweet! So I guess I would rather have the phone!

  15. Sprint is on a roll with Android…I am happy for them-they keep this up then they will be right behind Verizon in the main reason Android beat the iphone in sells wait-this is already so-right?

  16. I love entering contests on the internet… so many happy thoughts… so little actual payback.

  17. Hope I get it so I can overlook the f*** out of it, my DInc is my main device, so I can go all-out.

  18. @#2 Dan – ROFL!!! DAN IZ FAIL

  19. wow what a mobile ya in my place all are buy some other mobile like chinas,korean,micromax,karborn like that but this mobile is very super this mobile can be geted means show to all because it isa best and samsung is a best.pease select me.

  20. this is just the one evry about it rock

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