Samsung Galaxy Tab Announcement Coming in September?



Many are speculating that tomorrow’s US Samsung event will concern their Android MID and tablet line-up, but according to one “high-ranking official” within the company that won’t be the case, at least as far as the tablet is concerned. Instead the Galaxy Tab should be getting it’s announcement in about a month at the IFA expo next month in Berlin. The expo runs from September 3rd through 8th.

We’ll know for sure tomorrow whether or not the announcement comes sooner or later, but either way it looks like Samsung will keep their Q3 release timeframe as scheduled. Will the Galaxy Tab signal the beginning of a run of quality Android tablets including an upcoming device by Motorola?

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  1. This is Galaxy S? I’ve got a Hero..

  2. ^ That should be “This OR Galaxy S” ^

  3. or? unless im mistaken it should be *and*. this is a tablet, not a phone.

  4. I’m trying to get some suggestions from other users if it’s better to buy a new phone (Galaxy S) or buy this tablet.

  5. who is your carrier?

  6. Europe = Unlocked

  7. what are you intending on using it for? the thing is, it’s a tablet, it’s not going to be built around making phone calls. video, audio, gaming, documents, yeah. if you’re looking for a phone get the phone. personally, i would get both if i could.

    my ultimate setup would be to have an android phone(i like the look of the epic 4g, which is my carriers version of the galaxy S but i hate the slide-out keyboard), a desktop, a tablet and a netbook.

  8. I just realized that carrying around this beast in school is not going to work. I guess I should just buy the Galaxy S instead. Or should I wait for the dual-cores to start rolling out? I bought my hero in late December and regretted my choice so much when all the 1Ghzs were released. I don’t want that to happen again :/

    My birthday is August 12th, do you think Samsung will release a 2x core anytime soon?

  9. “I just realized that carrying around this beast in school is not going to work”

    hmm that’s why I don’t really get this whole tablet craze…

  10. Well, I’m still waiting for when your “mobile” is just a little box with inputs for a screen, mouse, keyboard etc.
    The operating system would automatically adjust after the hardware and you would always have your files with you.
    Or the same box with Chrome OS on it and you would have a portable web portal ;)

  11. The box would be like a portable desktop computer (only smaller). And if it gets standardized, you could also put it in whatever device you want (a tablet for example) and it would just work out of the box :D

    Microsoft would never do that apparently *dreams crushed..*

  12. @ari for me it’s a couple of things. practicaly, it’s computing. this is not a phone, the other thing is, well, a bit silly. i like the idea of carrying a tablet around with documents and such, always have ever since star trek. yeah, i said it, part of it is the idea of walking up and showing someone a document on a “computerized sheet of paper” ala one of the sci-fi classics.

  13. price?

  14. I like the idea of carrying a phone with documents because you can always have it with you. But a tablet is something you always have to hold in 2 hands…might as well get a netbook and do all sorts of things. Like print those documents. Then again, that’s what the HP tablet will do.

  15. Don’t waste your money on any korean products wait til the Cisco Cius comes out with Android 2.2 already in. Search the web for Cisco Cius.

  16. I’m waiting on the ASUS with the detachable laptop stylized docking station. ;)

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