Google Mobile Event August 12th, What Could they Be Announcing?



Invites are being sent out for a Google Mobile event to take place this Thursday, August 12th. They will be “unveiling a couple of cool new mobile features,” but little is known beyond that. So what could be so exciting that it warrants a press conference? I’m honestly at a loss, though we could be seeing some more of the functions showcased at Google I/O that didn’t quite make the initial Froyo cut. Your guess is as good as mine.

What could Google possible be announcing?

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  1. Please let it be Market desktop browser.. although that wouldn’t be a mobile feature

  2. google music?

  3. It’s mobile-related and a selling-point for Android.

  4. I think they’re going to give us Droid Incredible some advice… possibly something like “You should spend your time working to fix life’s problems instead of constantly checking your phone’s system update section to see if Froyo made its way there.” Just my thought. More realistically probably a google tablet? Which may eventually be the N1 of tablets (available for sale then primarily used by developers).

  5. Paid apps for more countries ?
    Market in the browser ?


  7. New web based Android Market that was demo at Google IO? Push apps to your phone, more country support, carrier billing. It’s been almost 3 months since then. And we did just accept a new market agreement.

  8. I would definitely want more countries enabled for paid apps! Sweden is one of the top cutting-edge technology countries in Europe and I still have to pirate apps! I want to buy apps dammit!

  9. has paid android apps. Not sure why google can’t

  10. Facetime for ANDROID!! You heard it here first folks.. video chat in google talk on ANDROID!

  11. Upgrades for old phones?! One can dream… or switch back to the iPhone *shudders*

  12. I am hoping that Google will roll out Android←→Desktop media syncing, per the company’s acquisition of Simplify.

  13. Ganesh – I gave up. After 2 full days I gave up. I am flashing mine tonight. Just too frustrated.

    I would say gingerbread, music, or tablet. Most likely one of the first two as tablets are already out or coming out.

  14. I think that they will admit they messed up and give everyone free bumpers for their phone… oh, wait…. ;)

  15. NEXUS TWO?

  16. and GINGERBREAD!

  17. Google Jedi. Telepathic communication add-on for Droids. ;P

  18. Maybe apps will support tablet sizes and tablets will get Android Market :)

  19. 2 things:

    Chrome for Android

    and an official app for Video Chats from Google.

  20. Chrome for Android ?
    What do you mean ?

    The browser ? Cause it’s already webkit based.

  21. Android already has Chrome Lite if you can call it that.

  22. Google Mobile team, not Android team. This means it will have to do with apps Google wrote for mobile devices. Although this usually means Android, it could also mean something across multiple platforms.

    Frankly I’m hoping for editable Google Docs on mobiles :)

  23. gingerbread

  24. VOIP for Google Voice would be legit.

  25. android market? merchants from more countries payed apps support??????????? err :\

  26. Let’s hope it isn’t something like

    Google Music & wireless media sync to android would be IMMENSE

  27. Paid apps for more countries and something else maybe.

  28. issue 3902 solved and responses to all the people who starred the issue?

  29. I’m hoping for:
    1.Market improvements
    2.Google music service
    3.Something we haven’t seen yet
    I guarantee it won’t be:
    2.Phone updates
    3.A nexus two or tablet or any hardware

  30. Could be chrome os

  31. @dars You mean the VPN for Android thing?

  32. Gingerbread – sick new UI, built in task manager, less power consumption, updated android market.

    Nexus 2 – 1.5Ghz, 16gb built in memory, 1gb ram, 4.0 inch SLCD screen, 4G compatable, 10.1mp camera, 1.3mp front facing camera, louder speakers, and reception when held with left hand

    Google Music

    Nexus Tablet – 2Ghz, 8inch SLCD, 2Ghz ram, 32Gb+ memory, front facing camera, Flash, Gingerbread,

  33. More hype, less substance.

  34. You know, don’t forget, it could be something ad-mob related??? remember, it wasn’t that long ago that google bought them out? That seems to fall under the umbrella of Google Mobile, rather than just a strictly android related announcement. :-)

  35. They are announcing the purchase of TMO. Which they will rename Skynet which sadly kills off humanity. =(

    I honestly am calling a TMO purchase

  36. I hope they remembered to invite Steve.

  37. Integrated non-tied-to-Verizon Skype, perhaps?

  38. ok why are there for 36 posts about something that nobody knows what is going to happen?

  39. Probably to let us know how the Google-Verizon deal “will be better for consumers and users and improve the web.”

  40. Coincidence that they’re announcing this on the same day the Droid 2 is coming out? I think not. Definitely a tie-in and probably why Verizon waited so long to announce the D2. I’m 90% sure it’s going to be Google Music and, in conjunction with the D2, Motorola’s media sharing software called “Family Room.”

  41. I wish they would buy Tmobile and rename the company Gmobile. Realistically though, they are simply announcing google music with streaming from your pc to phone.

  42. Ultra-zoom Google Face View

  43. ok I’ll bite:
    the announcement that adobe flash for android is now out of beta

  44. That they have cancelled WAVE but they didnt fire that German guy.

  45. > the announcement that adobe flash for android is now out of beta.

    Oh gosh; that might just be it. I hope google doesnt hook too much energy onto flash. I think flash might one area old Steve Jobs is right about.

  46. ummm no. Especially since I use flash practically every single day.

  47. @charles from Vancouver _ gdocs is a free app that does that. Maybe you mean a native one? that would be nice but I don’t think the 3rd party one lacks features

  48. yeah @Wello.. that would be a nice announcement.. better than any other new stuff they bring over.. I mean without having to get root and all that.. and the “response to the audience” part would also be fine, either official or unofficial.. :)

  49. Please, NEXUS TWO!!

  50. Google Books and Google Music

  51. video chat seems lame, it seems a copy of Apple. I dont think it is that. Mostly streaming music

  52. video chat seems lame, it seems a copy of Apple. I dont think it is that. Mostly streaming music

  53. I hope this is another game changing stuff like google navigation they announced at last event. Wow waiting for it.

  54. After their “Net Neutrality” partnership with Verizon … I’m bracing for the worst to be honest: like an exclusive contact with Verizon similar to AT&T that will hammer us non-verizon customers.

  55. I can’t believe I got fooled into clicking on this “story”… are there any tech blogs that leaves out sensationalist shit like live wallpapers that aren’t really a security threat, or ‘trojans’ that aren’t really trojans at all, or posts about absolutely nothing?

  56. They acquired the KIN from Microsoft! LOL!!

  57. Maybe to announce Verizon bought them? Or at least bought their principals and integrity? Probably not, but lately Im questioning their moves. I think maybe theyre just withholding for strategic purposes (hopefully). As for the 12th…

    I think Flash will finally come out of Beta. Along with a simultaneous release of Froyo for multiple devices announcement. Streaming services and cloud storage a strong possibility. I imagine they’ll also be showing off alot of Froyo features most people most people don’t know about (or just forgot about), on a device that’s actually real, available, and not just coming with a software update at some point next year.

    Hopefully they announce Blur sucks as well.

  58. That Apple will now run Android…

    My guess Music, Games, VOIP or Security Issues

  59. Could it be Google Me?

  60. Google recently changed the distribution agreement in very specific points relating to the purchase of apps. ( ) Their reason for this was new and exciting ways to sell apps, so I believe there might be at least a possibility that this is related to that.

  61. @Historialweb.



  62. i think they’re going to announce the new payment option along that was hinted in the recent adjustment to market legals along with new changes to the market itself and maybe officially announce their new app protection system to help fighting apps pirating

  63. Maj,
    that would be boring and besides some cool features have been hinted at, that is something customer centric. Those two features have nothing cool about them.

  64. ability to sell apps in Canada. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  65. NEXUS TWOO with gyroscope and autostereoscopic display!

  66. google is unfortunately dead in 5 years. Googles biggest enemy is facebook. Google simply misunderstood social and let facebook get away and now facebook has the largest platform on the planet. And facebooks enemy is Apple. Apple has the most lucrative platform on the planet and only Apple stands in the way of facebook era. Google could have spent more time creating a cloned social product like facebook or spent more time improving orkut or something like that. Instead it created a cloned iphone which was shoddy and which has very less mass acceptance. Now they are trying to save themselves by selling out to verizon so that verizon continues to promote android as well as IPhone equally well. Sad but true. Google looks dead and now they have made Apple their enemy as well. Google real enemies were Microsoft and Facebook and now instead of concentrating on their real enemies are busy playing catchup to Apple(who is now determined to kill Google and who was a former ally of Google as well) all the time.

  67. Announcement of no more 1.5 devices!

  68. Bob – Not boring at all to the huge amount of countries that are still stuck with free apps. That would be very exciting, actually!

  69. Whatever it is i’m excited…

  70. GINGERBREAD… featuring X-ray vision and time travel.

  71. I love Froyo on my N1 but bring on the GINGERBREAD!

  72. @Ben: Google dead in 5 years? Hahaha.

    You’re either a troll or ignorant. Android is gaining huge momentum and despite being free, they will make money off of it. They do not need their own hardware in order to compete since they will make money off of the Android OS, whether it be through advertising alone or through other ways as well.

  73. Yes, Google will be dead in 5 years and the monkeys that fly out of Bens butt will deliver us the next great search web site.

  74. The ability to change your marketplace email address? That would be HUGE!! Please, Google? You promised us last Valentines Day…

  75. It is now official. Netcraft has confirmed: Ben is dying.
    You don’t need to be the Amazing Kreskin to predict Ben’s future. The hand writing is on the wall: Ben faces a bleak future. In fact there won’t be any future at all for Ben because Ben is dying. Things are looking very bad for Ben. As many of us are already aware, Ben continues to lose market share. Red ink flows like a river of blood.

  76. Yeah, I think Ben is quite misinformed :-P

  77. Ben is in fact… on crack. (And maybe meth.. and most definitely LSD). Poor Ben.

  78. Google will be announcing that they have hired Ben as their new chief marketing strategist.

  79. I have read the major announcement will be Video Calling, which has been around for years and I don’t see it taking off. I’m from Europe and video calling has been available for a number of years and hasn’t taken off.


    I guess Android have to keep up with Apple in terms of features.

  80. I would not be surprised if they announce in the not too distant future that the Android OS….Google TV….has become the base OS for the PS3.

  81. I had though about installing Android as my “other OS” on the PS3 but interestingly enough Sony removed the option in March about a month before the partnership with Google TV was announced

  82. Could be Google pushing out their chrometophone feature to the market?

  83. Engadget have an article that may well be related… timing it to release on the same day as Google having this event… surely not a coincidence?

  84. World Peace

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