Aug 9th, 2010


It looks like Motorola’s policy of not officially naming MotoBlur as a feature on the Droid X will carry over to their entire line of smartphones going forward. At their Q2 earning’s call, Moto co-CEO Sanjay Jha stated that looking towards the future, the focus on the custom user interface would be dropped. The point Jha made was how difficult it is to showcase Blur in a simple 30-second ad, and because of this the company would focus more on differentiating their Android products rather than the flavor of Android they run.

While no exact words from Jha suggested the Blur would be dropped entirely, Android’s Gingerbread update promises to bering an all-around improved stock user interface that will de-emphasize the need for custom skins created by OEMs. Recent word from HTC promised that their HTC Sense would continue to develop and be pushed on their Android devices regardless of Google’s changes in Android 3.0. However, given Google and Motorola’s close working relationship, there is a chance that Jha and crew may be considering a complete phase out of Blur.

Will anyone miss Blur if it goes away? What differentiates an Android phone more, the hardware or the user interface?

[via Android and Me]

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