Texas Instruments First to License Next-Gen ARM Eagle Core



We know the ARM Cortex A8 processor is currently all the rage, especially the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip based on the technology, but as forward-thinking individuals it’s nice to know what is over the horizon. And we aren’t even talking about the direct successor to the A8. That would be the A9, which could be showing up in some handsets towards the end of this year or early 2011. No, we are talking about what comes after that. ARM’s Eagle core, which probably won’t show up on the market until late 2011 or even sometime in 2012, was licensed today by Texas Instruments.

What does this mean? Well it goes a bit deeper than TI hoping to be the first to bring the technology to a consumer handset. In fact, TI has been working with ARM since 2009 to help define specifications and other elements of the Eagle core. Not much is known about the design of the Eagle processors, but they are slated to be on par with future Intel Moorestown iterations with power consumption pretty similar to the chips of today thanks to 2x-nm manufacturing.

We should be hearing more about this processor in the coming months, which you very well may end up with in your future handset after your next new-every-two.

[via AnandTech]

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  1. according to Notion Ink, the adam tablet will be running dual core Cortex A9. is this possible or it’s a mistype on their webpage?

  2. How many ghz?

  3. This is going to be an epic battle like this picture:

  4. @jdog: lame

  5. It needs to support google tv. Fortunately android can also run on Intel Atom, which does support googletv.

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