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Looking for a great deal on what is arguably the best Android phone currently available for AT&T? Look no further than Amazon, where the phone is being offered for $49.99 with a new individual two-year contract. If you are on an individual contract but not a new customer you can snag the phone for $99.99. That’s still half the $199.99 price tag that the phone carries in AT&T’s stores. At fifty bucks this thing is a steal, especially when the phone is less than a month old on the shelf. So what are you waiting for?

[via Android Authority]

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  1. Now if only they could make the off contract price $50.

  2. Avoid this!

    The GPS is simply a joke.

    The compass does not know the difference between North and West.

    All these Samsung Galaxy derivatives are a joke, plain and simple.

  3. @ Ryan Now if we could just turn the whole world communist then the government would just give us everything for $50. geezz every one want something for free.

  4. @Bond, James
    If communism lets me get everything for free, I see no downside. lol

  5. @Mario,

    I don’t have much issue with my Captivate. I think Captivate is an awesome phone. Much better than my old iphone 3g.

  6. Unfortunately, the deal is not applicable for anyone that is not eligible for an upgrade.

  7. @Mario
    Um, there is a simple settings change to “fix” the GPS on the Galaxy S phones. It’s documented several places online, and Samsung is working on an OTA fix for it. I can’t believe so many people flame a phone for a slight software glitch, which can be easily fixed. Now, if the GPS chipset itself was defective (i.e. a hardware issue, like the iPhone antenna was), THEN you could flame away, because hardware issues tend to be much more difficult to fix.

  8. Btw, anyone know why Best Buy is charging $229.99 for the Captivate? Seems to me it would be pretty hard to sell those, when it’s only $199.99 or less everywhere else.

  9. Ooooh. I hope they sell the Epic for the same price!

  10. @SK Keep dreaming pal, lol.

  11. Will it work for Rogers ?

  12. TBH the GPS “fix” that has been publicized several places only has worked to make the satellite acquisition much faster for many of us! The GPS location it thinks I’m at is usually in the area but not close enough to give turn by turn directions – Instead I look at the map and use it to give myself turn by turns ;) But it works *well enough*!

  13. I’ll be impressed when the price comes down for people on family plans.

  14. Not a bad deal for new comers.Those who are upgrading should look into letstalk.com they have it for 89.99. They apparently take trade ins also. I’m been tempted to jump on it my self, but I want to see what the Streak has to offer first. I really wish AT&T would get a nice higher end HTC with at least a 4″ screen though. I’d buy it without a second thought, even with the 6 month + update times they can have.

  15. Wirefly has it for $50 also.

  16. @Brad,

    That isn’t a GPS fix. The “fixes” going around, including yours, just helps with initial lock and intermittently at that.

    IT DOES NOT HELP WITH ACCURACY. I have been using the Captivate for weeks now and I can honestly say that the GPS is a joke on this phone.

  17. I got it for free from walmart online with a contract. Also the captivate has been amazing and I have not had any problems with the GPS.

  18. looking for computer software for Samsung captivate and htc evo android for the computer so that I can sync and move photos and music between my computer

  19. I live in India…
    So is der anyway i can buy it for less than 200$ with a contract and get it to India and unlock and use??
    plzz reply

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