TweetDeck for Android Public Beta Starting this Week



If you call yourself a Twitter-file and don’t see the official Twitter app or any of the other numerous third party solutions as adequate to meet your fiendish social networking needs, there is a good chance you have been waiting eagerly for the release of TweetDeck. And it looks like your wait could be over very soon. A post at the TweetDeck Blog has revealed that the Android client is nearly ready for prime time. What’s more, a public beta should be starting up this week.

For those who can’t find value in what TweetDeck offers for Twitter users, perhaps integration of Facebook and Google Buzz will be enticing. There is also talk of FourSquare joining the party. All of your social networking in one app? Sounds pretty good to me.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. wow, something that may actually pull me off of touiter.

  2. Something I’ve never thought about…. Could Android development increase the use of Java on the desktop? Just thinking about all these companies now developing applications in Java for Android that could use a similar codebase for their desktop applications and possibly cut down on some work. It also makes their apps immediately cross platform if they are unsure about where the market for desktops will go.

  3. Nice, I love TweetDeck for desktop, this would be a great addition to Android. If only I could snag a SocialScope invite for my DX.

  4. I’m looking forward to this app even though i’m happy with seesmic.

  5. Twitterphile surely?

  6. Oh, this could be awesome. If it’s anything like the desktop one, I’ll be saying goodbye to FB and Twitter apps :D

  7. This is great! I use TweetDeck on my ipod touch and was always hoping it would eventually be available for android! I prefer it over any other Twitter applications.

  8. Really looking forward to this! May finally replace official Facebook and Twitter app.

  9. Amen, Omar.

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