AT&T Hosting Another Scavenger Hunt Featuring the HTC Aria



For those of you wanting to take part in something Android related on August 12th that doesn’t involve Verizon or the Droid line of phones, AT&T may have just the thing for you. That is if you live in or around Duluth, Minnesota. Just as they did in Iowa back in July, they are bringing a scavenger hunt to the Miller Hall Mall where attendees can use the HTC Aria to sleuth out prizes included their very own Android handset. The event kicks off at 1:30PM at the new AT&T store location. To register just head over to the event page in the source link below and click attending.

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  1. The prize its a “real” non crappy Android phone LOL. Oh AT&T how the hell did I put up with you for 3 years. I left when the iPhone 2G came out because I saw it for what it was even back then, crap.

  2. If you are in the area it’s a pretty fun and easy scavenger hunt. I participated in the one in Iowa and came away winning a love sac. They give away a ton of stuff (phones, gift certificates, and merchandise from the mall where it was held) Our mall has a love sac store so they gave one of those away. It takes about 2-3 hours at the most.

  3. Does anyone even cars bout the slow Aria ? I could care less bout this dumb phone

  4. Their execs should go on a scavanger hunt to figure out why they didnt offer descent android phones. Once iphone moves to verizon they will have plenty of time on their hands


    I actually own one and they aren’t slow. Maybe you could speculate by looking at the specs, but in reality it’s fairly quick and responsive. Go play with one before knocking it.

  6. iphone won’t go to verizon now shut up

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