Live in Iowa? AT&T is Hosting a Scavenger Hunt Giving You a Chance to Snoop out an HTC Aria



If you live in Iowa and missed out on all of the Droid X scavenger hunt hoopla, AT&T wants to fill your prize-finding fix. Sure, the HTC Aria handsets they are giving away aren’t quite the same as the impressive phone from Motorola that just dropped yesterday, but that isn’t the only thing you could walk home with. There will also be LCS TVs and gift certificates to be had. Just head on over to the Jordan Creek Mall at 1:30PM tomorrow (July 17th) and get ready to hunt. Looks like teams will be competing head to head, and will be given an Aria or Pantech Impact to help locate items throughout the mall. Register by “attending” the event on Facebook.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Sounds familiar *cough Droid X cough*


  3. Who lives in Iowa? Nebraska all the way. :)

  4. [sarcasm]Nice to see AT&T being original[/sarcasm] lol
    Good marketing is like the town whore… doesn’t take long to get around!

  5. Let’s hope its not a snipe hunt like the X.

  6. Awesome – fantastically written as though all of Iowa is a stone’s throw away from The Mall (in West De Moines). :) Good stuff.

  7. it’s probably in a landfill where it belongs.. geez that was harsh…

    I called att asking about the Galaxy S and they tried to sell me the Aria, the rep said it’s basically the same thing. It’s sad to know that people selling these phones have no idea what their talking about..

  8. I live a mile from that mall and there are only 20 people signed up on facebook to attend. Decent chances I’d say.

  9. Wow, AT&T’s marketing follow up to anything Verizon does is full of fail. Maybe they can get Luke Wilson to personally hand it to the winner.

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