Verizon’s Allies (LG Ally Owners, Otherwise) Will Get FroYo, Too


Fear not, LG Ally users: just because your device isn’t Verizon’s favorite doesn’t spell doom for your hopes on it receiving Android 2.2. To date, this is LG’s only major Android handset in the United States (if you’re speaking relatively) so it makes sense that they’d want to make a good first impression on us with plans to bring the latest iteration of Android to their users.


Unfortunately, that’s all there is to report because we haven’t been given a date or timeframe as to when we can expect them to push the update live. Depending on who you are, I guess it’s better than being promised a date only to see LG not deliver (and let’s not hope you’re being promised an upgrade only to learn that you won’t be seeing it at all like our Behold II faithful).

[via PhoneDog]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yeah! I got the Ally off contract, nice little phone.

  2. It kind of ticks me off that websites like this one want to talk down to Ally owners because its not a “budget Android” not a “high end Android” but it isn’t a bad little phone for $49.00. It comes with 2.1 and it is getting 2.2 so I’m happy.

  3. They’re not talking down to Ally users or putting the device down, just letting people know that 2.2 is coming. Though it is quite obvious to anyone that Verizon’s favorite phones are the Droids.

  4. Having messed with an Ally and owning a Droid X…there’s a reason. The screen is probably the biggest one, what a pos.

  5. The LG Ally is a good phone for many people. It doesn’t compare to higher end phones like the Incredible but some people don’t need to own phones like that an alternative is much better for them.

  6. Having had the g1…I would just like to say once again it is good to see android coming up so well

  7. The Ally is free after rebate for Verizon users upgrading an older, off-contract, plain-jane free phone. Just got it for my wife and she loves it. And for the next two weeks, it’s or local VZ dealer’s only android in stock.

  8. I think this is definitely okay little phone, though it’s not a speed demon by any means. If you buy it knowing that, then it should be a great phone for you. I am happy to see it’s getting Froyo though, since it definitely could use the performance boost it offers.

  9. I have spoken to Verizon product vendor and tech Rep and they both said that the froyo update will probably be hitting the Ally in early to mid October. I have an Ally and love the phone. The reason for the delay is to make sure that they give enough of an upgrade to make it worthwhile and not dumb the phone down. I don’t think that the upgrade will come with tethering or Flash but the other benefits of Froyo will be intact. More speed and and storing and apparently on SD are good as well as being able to voice dial. Thank goodness.

  10. I think the Ally is decently fast. Sure it doesn’t compare to the beasties, such as the incredible or the droid x, with the whopping 1gh processor, but it does have a 500ghtz, which is a higher grade than the moto droid, and the screen isn’t the problem, its processor size. I really have no need for 1000+ ghtz, so I’m perfectly fine with owning the Ally. Cheap and does everything I ask……. Perfect

  11. LG Ally comes with a qualcomm 600 MHZ proc. A bit better than you had once thought, perhaps. I am ultimately waiting till december for the christmas deals…hey maybe ill get it for free with a contract renewal…things that make me want to buy are the screen, and the qwerty. The screen has nearly the same dpi as the iphone 4, which makes it nearly a retinal display, something the droid x, and the moto droid cant say…

  12. Just got this phone a couple weeks ago and I love it. Major step up from my EnV 2. Interface seems sluggish sometimes but that is after running a few media intensive apps and Advanced Task Killer seems to help speed it up again by clearing out some RAM. I would love to see 2.2 come to this phone just to make it even better.

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