You Wanted a European EVO? That’s What the HTC Desire HD (Ace) Will Be Like


After the HTC EVO 4G made its way to Sprint here in the US, many Europeans fell in love with the device: they too wanted a device with a 4.3-inch screen by HTC. It’s always been the idea that HTC would eventually bring the phone out (or something like it) for that side of the world, and this may be just what the doctor ordered.


Uwants caught a shot of this supposed HTC Desire HD (or the HTC Ace) in the wild (the same phone we saw in Vodafone Germany’s inventory system a few days ago).  At that time, the Desire HD was said to “have features” of the HTC Legend and the HTC HD2. We now know what they mean: the comparison to the HD2 draws from the screen size while the Legend’s draws from the build materials). While this doesn’t come with the exact same bells and whistles of the EVO 4G, it does more than well for itself: a 4.3-inch capacitive display with 800×480 resolution, Andorid 2.2 with HTC Sense, an 8-megapixel camera with HD video recording, an aluminum shell (no word on if it’s full-on unibody or not), 1GHz processor, and 4GB of internal storage.

Even with Samsung flooding the market with their very attractive Galaxy S phones, I’m sure there are some that have been waiting for something like this from HTC.  We have no more details except for the fact that we already know this one’s headed for Vodafone in Germany, but I’m sure they won’t be the only market to see this phone.

[Uwants via Android-HK via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Powerful GPU? No? Oh well..

  2. but does it have a kickstand?

  3. yeah if it has the current GPUs in the Snapdragon then i think i’ll pass and wait for the Droid X coming to Europe in November.

  4. Front facing camera?

  5. @Dave A bunch of sites are saying it doesn’t have a front facing camera but if you look to the right of the speaker grill you can see that there is a little circle about the size of the Evo’s front facing camera.

  6. hmm missing the unibody aluminium design or did they just painted it black?

  7. nice I comes from sweden and have one deisre but I wanted a htc evo :)

  8. @aliboy. It looks to me like a notification LED

  9. none of this matters at all. the reason? without the kickstand this is the pathetic lol even the chinese evo replica which is a piece of junk put the most important thing on their fake evo (THE KICKSTAND)!!!

  10. It draws from the HD2, not the Evo. The HD2 doesn’t have the front-facing camera. That’s why they specified that particular HTC phone variant.

  11. Caught by an apple iphone x.x

  12. I prefer GSM version of DROID X

  13. Why is it that A LOT of these new android phones show up as having their pics taken by apple phones?

  14. Don’t want a European EVO, want a European Epic (Samsung Galaxy S Pro)

  15. @ beaver can you say where u heard about euro droid x in november pls?

  16. HTC HD2 with Android Flavour.

  17. @ alex: The people with the iPhone are trying to steal the android phones because they want them so bad but don’t want to pay their ETF or buy the phone outright.

  18. its what i’ve been waiting for…

  19. I for one would surely wish that an EVO or variant of it is released in Asia and Singapore. Been waiting to replace my Hero & 3GS.

  20. Ugly. Very ugly. first of all, ugly.

    After that: No kickstand, no HD resolution screen, no HDMI, no dual processor, no improved GPU, and no Super Amoled.

    WTF? I want at least an EVO, not “something” like the evo.
    I want an EVO or something better.

    Waiting for the droid X in europe….

  21. @fision Um, what are you talking about. The screen size and resolution is identical to the EVO, so I dunno what you mean by no HD resolution screen, since it already has one of the highest res screens available. Also, NO phone has a dual core processor as of yet, and only the Samsung Galaxy S has a Super AMOLED screen. The EVO only had a regular AMOLED screen, which of course has been switched to an LCD screen now, due to the shortage of AMOLED screens. Sounds like you’re complaining about not having a phone that doesn’t even exist yet.

  22. aluminum shell ????? Grip of death ????

  23. Looks mighty nice. But I think I will wait till next year when we have 4.3″ screen with front facing camera, dual core cpu and built in tea maker.

  24. @Barry the HTC Legend has an all aluminium shell and doesn’t suffer from the grip of death. The casing must be earthed from the antennae.

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