Aug 8th, 2010

EasyRoot was a very simple – but still a very useful (and desirable) – app: you click and you’re rooted (on the Droid and Droid X). For $.99, you save yourself the time and headache of having to research or ask questions over at XDA and watch confusing YouTube videos trying to step you through the process of rooting your device.


Unfortunately, that app has now been suspended from the Android market. No official reason has been given (UnstableApps – the developer – is still looking into the issue) but I’m not surprised that this happened. Either the app went against the terms of use that Motorola and Verizon – and possibly even Google – set when you agreed to access the market, or Google just felt the readily available app was too risky an advent to keep. Clueless patrons could stumble across it, download it, and root their phones without knowing what in the world they just did (but the chances of that happening are extremely slim, I’d imagine).

Luckily, this isn’t the last we’ve heard of EasyRoot. The developer emailed our tipster – Michael – with the following message:

“Thank you for your support of Easy Root by Unstable Apps. We are sorry that Google decided to suspend our application from the Market,but fully intend to continue supporting your purchase. You can download the latest version of Easy Root at:

That APK alone isn’t enough, though, as you’ll need to purchase an access key from them in order to use the app (if you’ve already purchased it through the market, the developer will be emailing you with a download link and your own unique key should you need to reinstall it in the future). Head over to to get started.

[Thanks, Michael!], [Thanks to Androinica for the awesome image we snagged from their story.]