RUU for EVO 4G’s Android 2.2 Upgrade Leaks for Early Trigger-Pullers


HTC said they had a fix in the works for those HTC EVO 4G owners that updated to the unofficial FroYo build a few days ago, but it looks like that may have leaked out today by way of XDA. Instructions and downloads can be found there (we prefer to link to the source in case they update their post later on) but remember these two simple things: this will wipe your phone clean of all its data (not the memory card) and you should make sure you have adequate juice in your battery before going through with this (at least 30-50% should suffice).


That said, I would wait before going any further with it. These leaks have been dubbed unofficial as of late and that hasn’t just been bluff by the vendors: you could really face some nasty issues if you upgrade to an unofficial build. If you want to bite the bullet anyway, XDA‘s calling your name.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yeah no thanks… my “unoffical update” is running just fine. I’ll keep it until something goes wrong or the offical fix is out.

  2. isn’t jumping gun what got us in this fix in the first place.. I’ll wait for HTC’s fix…. and honestly i’m not sure the difference anyway. my phone is running great.

  3. My video’s are choppy, but xda’s instructions suck, I’ll wait.

  4. Who else agrees that the evo 4g and droid x are the best devices on tthe market?

  5. I agree. Had mine two weeks now, absolutely lovin’ it!

  6. I aggree with Brian, evo and droix x are the best on the market.

  7. I disagree, EVO is THE best device on the market.

  8. Wait, so the over the air update I got on August 3rd wasn’t official?

  9. I disagree, the iPhone beats them all. Just kidding. Seriously though, I’m going to wait for the official update for my EVO this time

  10. @Dave No, this is for the over the wire update downloaded by some (guilty) before August 3rd

  11. id liked this mobile so much when i sow its videos i wanna buy it but i don t know how can i get it from uae please say to me from where can i buy from abu dhabi or dubai…thank you leonaction..

  12. This phone is badass best phone

  13. I did the update this morning at 6 o’clock am. It worked great no problems. Later today I went by my Sprint store were a close friend works. He let me look at the update file HTC sent them this morning. It is the same file I got from XDA. So you can wait if you want to for HTC to put out a update OTA or you can update it your self. It works great easy to update just follow the instructions.

  14. i did this a few mins ago and it works fine!!!

  15. What about the Froyo 2.2? I did the OTA update but everything looks the same, I want Froyo like the picture shows.

    Does anybody know if this ram is compatible with Android?
    http://www.downloadmoreram.com I need more G-Bees for music.

  16. @Don

    Speak for yourself.

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