Aug 6th, 2010

HTC said they had a fix in the works for those HTC EVO 4G owners that updated to the unofficial FroYo build a few days ago, but it looks like that may have leaked out today by way of XDA. Instructions and downloads can be found there (we prefer to link to the source in case they update their post later on) but remember these two simple things: this will wipe your phone clean of all its data (not the memory card) and you should make sure you have adequate juice in your battery before going through with this (at least 30-50% should suffice).


That said, I would wait before going any further with it. These leaks have been dubbed unofficial as of late and that hasn’t just been bluff by the vendors: you could really face some nasty issues if you upgrade to an unofficial build. If you want to bite the bullet anyway, XDA‘s calling your name.

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