More Droid 2 Training Materials Showcase Phone’s Top 5 Features



Anything left to say about the Motorola Droid 2? Check out the top 5 features Verizon is highlighting and what Verizon salespeople will be highlighting about Froyo. Full gallery at source link below.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Maybe I’m a complete idiot (highly likely), but where does it mention that this is specifically for the Droid 2, and not Froyo 2.2 in general?

  2. NEVERMIND! I am an idiot. I visited the Droid-Life and saw the full document. Guess I should think before I speak next time.

  3. Shocking that Motorola are still not committed to bring Froyo to the GSM version of the Droid, the Milestone. Or Millstone as it may soon be known.

  4. Way to check yourself there Paul…might be being alittle

  5. Way to check yourself Paul…might be being alittle hard on yourself though. Anyhey helpfully this means the big V will be on the updates greater then they have been.

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