Epic 4G Release Announcement Coming from Sprint Soon?



If you love dolphins and 4G, you probably haven’t been able to turn away from the Samsung Epic 4G teaser page over at Sprint’s website since it launched. Fair enough, we here at Phandroid prefer Shark Week but you go ahead and do your own thing. While no one can promise you the dolphins, it looks like Sprint might be gearing up to make the announcement of just when their 4G network will be getting the Epic 4G. A post on the Samsung Galaxy S Facebook page is promising “some exciting news coming from Sprint soon.” Hardware keyboards, 4G, Humingbirds, and well maybe even those dolphins could be heading our way very soon.

[via Facebook, thanks to momoceio for sending this in]

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  1. first? cant wait for epic 4g

  2. hummingbirds instead of snapdragons, maybe?

  3. snapdragons????? dont u mean hummingbirds

  4. Can sprint just hurry up already???

  5. You mean Hummingbirds, not Snapdragons. ;o

    1. my bad, lol

  6. Why do they have to announce the possible announcement coming soon? All of this beating around the bush and stepping on eggshells is getting to be a royal pain in the ass!!

  7. Personally its not big news unless they fix my battery life while on 4g

  8. Great job Sprint, I am sure this phone will sell like hot cake…and a giant FTML for Verizon for treating the Fascinate like a step child…seriously not everyone are into Moto stuff so stop pushing Droid X/2 as the only capable phone on the network…

  9. I just hope they learn a lesson from the EVO launch and manufacture enough phones for the demand and that Sprint is beefing up their servers for the launch. I still cannot find an EVO at a mainstream retailer (there are a bunch of overpriced phones on EBay, but, who knows if they are even the real thing?). We don’t even have 4G in southern California yet and you can’t find a 4G phone anywhere.

  10. Pre-orders may start tomorrow, 08/05/2010, on the sprint website.

  11. I’m interested in Epic but won’t buy one until after they bring out froyo.

  12. i need a damn new phone! the EVO was suppose to be my savior but it’s nowhere to be seen. Come on EPIC!

  13. Thats cool and all but im not ready to dish out an extra $120 a year for 4g coverage that i dont get, or really want. SPRINT, GIVE ME A 1GHZ >3.5″ NON 3G PHONE!!! thanks :-D

  14. @ mvtom: the problem with the evo was, correct me if im wrong, the screen shortage. since they were samsung screens im sure all their phones get priority. as we see in the captivate and vibrant there havent been any shortages in the phones.

  15. and hurry the f up sprint. my broke @ss pre is a table weight right now, and my ancient treo 700wx that im having to use instead makes me feel like jumping out a window.

  16. @adam: I think you’re thinking of the Droid Incredible.

  17. I seriously need this now. My 13yo girl txt phone is killing me. 4G is secretly everywhere already. I need to more openly mock my labmates iphones, but I need this to do that.

  18. @ryan: I understand you don’t want to pay an extra $120 per year, and as a current EVO owner I understand…it sucks and I didn’t want to pay it in the first place…but here’s why I changed my mind: Theres no doubt in my mind that 4G is the future. Sprint (as of now) is the only US carrier with an existing 4G network…though small…and more towers are on the way. I firmly believe that, although not exactly fair for everyone to pay, the $10 fee is fueling the 4G network rollout. Soon the Epic 4G will be helping the Evo 4G to build the 4G network….and that my friend is an awesome strategy. Yes it sucks i have to pay an extra $10 a month, Yes it sucks that I don’t even live in a 4G market….however i’m right outside of philly so i get 4G sometimes, and even if i didn’t…i wouldn’t mind shelling out the money if it will make my 4G experience better as a whole. But then again, that’s just me…

  19. I was at Sprint monday picking up my Evo and I asked them, when is the Epic dropping? They responded something like Aug 20 or 27. At which I said sweet! Well within my 30 days to trade this baby in if I decide I want the Epic….so ya, it’ll be ought before the end of this month.

  20. it annoys me that i have to wait for sprint to come out and say “Hey, surprise! EPIC 4G is out on (whatever date)” atleast it would make waiting a little more standable because i know the wait is almost over.

  21. I just wanna KNOW that this phone is better than the EVO cause i dont wanna get this phone and be thinking…ehhh…not so Epic…know what I mean. Who wants this baby more than the EVO?? Anybody?

  22. @Hampteezy Well, let’s check out the specs..physical keyboard, 4″ Super AMOLED display boasting 50x more colors than the Evo’s 4.3″ WVGA, superior 1 GHz A8 Hummingbird cranking out over 2x the processing power of the Evo’s Snapdragon, plus Samsung’s upcoming mobile media market for downloading HD-like movies… call me crazy, but I’m gonna hold out for this beauty. ;)

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