Samsung Galaxy S Priced at Bell, $149 on a 3-Year Contract Starting August 6th



The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant — actually appearing to be the standard international Galaxy S complete with front-facing camera rather than the Vibrant found on T-Mobile — has been priced and dated via Bell Canada’s website. Their Galaxy S page is now showing that the phone will be available at the price of $149.99 on a three-year agreement. You can get it off contract for $499.99, which is actually a quite agreeable price considering what you get packed underneath the gorgeous Super AMOLED display. The Galaxy S Vibrant will be available in Bell’s stores and on their website August 6th.

[thanks to Russell for sending this our way!]

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  1. (Sorry this may be a 2x post it did not show after a few min on first post)

    NEWS: HUAWEI U8100

    WIND’s new AWS Android “HUAWEI U8100” for 160$ NO-CONTRACT

    The phone is vary low end but for 160$ no contract its not bad I ran down to the WIND store today to play around with it and it has 2.1 and “install unsigned apps”, so its not AT&T locked down.

    Link: http://www.windmobile.ca/community/WIND-news/detail/android-has-landed-welcome-huawei-u8100/

    The Rep told me that the “Rumor” is: Samsung and Moto have a higher end Android device that may be coming to WIND.

  2. Will it have a working GPS?

  3. Are you kidding me?!?! A three year contract in todays tech climate is just ridiculous, talk about buyers remorse. It’s bad enough having to wait two when new phones are showing up every few months. No thanks.

  4. Is a three year contract the norm? seems rather long lol even the galaxy s would be obsolete by then.

  5. The Galaxy S, and other phones that are in service may still technically work three years from now, but as we have seen in just 1 years time, and looking at the projects still in development, they will be blown away in ways yet imagined..

  6. 1-year contract only for me please. Don’t care what the bill is. 3 years is just INSANE!!! These people are kidding themselves. You will literally wear holes in the phone in that amount of time.

  7. New rules in Québec: If you enroll in a 3yr contract and decide to opt out at any point…the only fee you are going to pay is the rebate you got on the phone divided by the 36 months times the months left on the contract…

    So if I take the 3year contract and opt out after a year…Bell will charge me 350/36 * 24 … so it is now worth it to enroll into a contract…since you can’t pay more than the phone if you cancel the contract!


  8. I have been saying it should be like that for years, this is the first time I have been truly jealous of Québec. Bell wants $400 to get out of my 3 year contract and it only has 1 year left. I’m just gonna have to buy it outright.

  9. WOW… Come on VZ… step up and release the Fascinate already!

  10. “You can get it off contract for $499.99”

    That would’ve been the more interesting headline instead of that stupid 3 year contract price.

  11. Meh. Pretty screen. +1 feels cheap. -1 Samsung -10 *puts money back in wallet, will wait for something else*

  12. Unfortunately 3 a years contract is pretty much the standard deal here in Canada for getting phone discounts, it’s ridiculous!!! The handful of carriers we have take full advantage of the fact that we have stringent foreign investment laws and basically monopolize their situation the fullest and rape the customers.

    So pretty much the customer ends up paying upwards of $100+ per month for a voice/data package AND have to sign a 3 year contract AND the phones still aren’t as cheap as the states when they sign up for a 2 year. Not to mention we usually only get “good” phones 6-12 months after they’re available everywhere else.
    It’s seems almost like we get the overstock from the US once all their carriers have slowed down on selling specific models. Up until now Apple has been the only manufacturer who has pushed Canada release dates at the same time as US.
    Unfortunately I don’t like the iPhone and the Galaxy S doesn’t have a flash and the Sony X10 is still Android 1.6. So I’ll just wait to pick up a Droid X or one of the upcoming super phones expected in the Sept/Oct timeframe :(

  13. 3 years is totally the norm here in canada.

    I’ll be taking the plunge though on Friday for this (with 3 year contract)…My previous blackberry survived just fine…the web, basic streaming apps, and media players WONT really be obsolete in 3 years so….

    Sure games will evolve, but I’m making an assumption my love for 90million triangles per second will wear off after a couple of months anyway, and I’ll go back to playing NES ROMS or PS ROMS on the train to work. ;)

    If I get desperate somewhere in year 3, I’ll overclock the sucker and then fry it in a blaze of glory.

  14. Well, all I know is, Telus has a pretty good relationship with HTC and Motorola. So any droid variant has a good chance to drop there and any HTC devices they choose to whip up could also make its way over to Telus.

  15. well if this thing will be compatible with at&t 3g, i would snag one on ebay. android with a front facing camera on my network, that would be sweet. (hoping someone important at at&t reads this)

  16. 3 year contract and still not free, just wow…

  17. @Mitch: yup, our cell carriers suck

  18. Things in Canada are a ripoff sadly. We get crappy contracts, crappy rates, and the phones aren’t even good.

    Also, we are behind in technology, like the US getting 4G and most Canadian carriers aren’t even considering it.

  19. so this will work with AT&T 3G in the states??

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