Exclusive: Nimbuzz Announces Version 2.0 to VoIP Lovers


Nimbuzz is announcing today that they’ll be releasing version 2.0 of their messaging app this Thursday for Android. Nimbuzz 2.0 introduces the company’s tried and true VoIP technology for users who want to save a bit more change on their phone bills month-to-month. Alongside full Skype and SkypeOut support over 3G and WiFi, Nimbuzz brings their own service – NimbuzzOut – to Android users looking for more options alongside the main competitors.


Version 2.0 comes with enhanced phonebook features that pulls your phone’s contacts into the same list as your messaging contacts for easy access to everyone you love talking with. They’ve also introduced a host of new options in the settings menu to help you further customize your Nimbuzz experience.

With the Android market still looking for a definitive, reliable and pleasant VoIP experience, Nimbuzz hopes to become your one-stop-shop for contact all of your friends and family while helping you save money. You can find more information on Nimbuzz 2.0 at the company’s blog this coming Thursday when the free app becomes available for download in the Android market. Be sure to stay tuned to Phandroid as our review is forthcoming.

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  1. Would be nice if we got Skype Video working for any app on Android…RIP Fring…

  2. Hopefully this will sort the connection problems. With the current Nimbuzz version, there’s about a 40% chance that it will connect fully upon startup (meaning ICQ, MSN and Skype all connect).

    Chance that it’ll stay connected to all of them (reliable reconnection after network problems or cell handover included!) for longer than 3 hours: About 3%. Usually my girlfriend calls me to tell me my stupid phone’s offline again and she was trying to reach me… IM+ is the only reliable alternative. :(

  3. Does this release support SIP calls? That’s the only thing I miss about Nimbuzz on Android. My Nokia N97 had that feature.

  4. @Binary Yep, Nimbuzz 2.0 supports SIP

  5. Someone please answer this question

    Will this app enable quick one-stop access to make a VOIP call over data connection, without having to jump through hoops?

  6. Skypeout still with bad quality or they have improved it? Last time that I’ve used, my voice and other side was robotized, and laggy.


  8. Will be APP2SD?

  9. A great news to nimbuzz lovers!

  10. Yet on android market on htc desire froyo!

  11. Whoa~ happiest day of my life! I’ve just tried out the new Fonwar IM. It’s cool and I just redeemed my free iPhone! Try it and get your friends to join too. If you’re lucky like me, you’ll be able to win an iPhone or even an iPad =P. Heres the link btw

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