RC Cars, Legos — Android Remotely Controls them All!


File this under the “amazing things you can do with Android and free time” category, as we have two examples of Android smartphones being re-purposed into remote controllers. First up, we have something that should get any Lego fan with an Android phone excited: a Lego Mindstorm remote app is in the works. The app will link up with your Mindstorm NXT robots and creations via Bluetooth and provide you with control right from your Android handset. The app is only in the alpha phase, but the plan is to eventually release it to the market. Check it out in the video below:

Next we have a more traditional R/C setup involving a little red Ferrari and an HTC Hero. OK, so the Hero part isn’t so traditional, but Eric Taylor has gone a step further than just devising a remote app. He has completely re-wired the internals of the R/C Ferrari to accept Blutetooth input and controls. You can find out how to build your own over at his website.

[via TalkAndroid 1,2 ]

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  1. Nerd Alert! lol

  2. Both ideas are fawesome! That might make me resurrect my old Mindstorm kit that’s currently collecting dust.

  3. Hook it up to a BMW and scream through a parking lot like James Bond.

  4. I’ve bought my Desire basically just for controlling NXT robots; although there is a issue with bluetooth and HTC sense, once you know the workaround it’s quite fun; using the accelerometer to control the movements as seen in that videos is something which really makes other people around you go “wow”

  5. Now make it drive my real car! Seriously nice work

  6. @Joubarc, I’ve been trying to control my nxt from my droid incredible, would you be willing to help a brother out?

  7. Balancing Robot ingredients:

    * Rooted Android phone

    * Docking base

    * pair of digital servos with wheels mounted to docking base

    * Digital gyroscope

    * source of 12vdc for the servos, and possibly 5v for logic if the USB port can’t supply enough current to power the external logic).

    Connect the gyro and servos to the phone through the FT2232H’s UARTS and/or i/o pins.

    Use the gyro with the phone’s built-in 3-axis accelerometer to implement an inverted pendulum.

    Think about how cool it would have been if you could have done this back when it was still your real phone, and you could have programmed it to try and come to YOU when the phone rings. :-)

  8. While i’m not doubting these are real… how easy would it be to simply mimic controling these R/C vehicles with your phone and simply video it and keep whoever is controlling them out of the picture………… i’m just sayin

  9. I jizz in my head (nerd-gasm!)

  10. … FYI you can download a little app for ur phone and PC that turns ur android phone into a wifi touchpad/mouse/KB. I have a projector setup in my lounge and I can lie on the couch and control the computer… nerds of the world rejoice!

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