Cheap EVO 4G Knockoff Looks Cool, But Quite Silly At The Same Time


I love cheap knockoffs. They try so hard to emulate some of the most successful devices on the market, but you can spot them from a mile away and you can just tell from their looks that they’re about as worthless as crud. Still, the Chinese market seems to get a kick out of them and the HTC EVO 4G is no exception to this trend.


It does look a lot like the EVO 4G. If you put it out of your mind that the real EVO has no chromed sides and that the position of the LED lights and the speaker on the back are supposed to be switched around, it might just fool the average person (then again: who’s looking that closely to begin with?)

There’s no HDMI-out, no HD video recording, no front-facing camera, and no Android: Windows Mobile disgraces a knockoff that could’ve otherwise been decent. The funniest thing is that they’ve managed to keep the Sprint 4G logo on the back door even though it’s obvious Sprint does not manufacture the battery door pictured above.


I still don’t know how some of these companies manage to get away with this blatant disregard for likeness and copyright infringement. I understand copyright, patent, and trademark laws in the US are different from other regions in the world – giving these Chinese knock-off manufacturers a green light on pulling this stuff off – but jeez. Ah well, at least the kickstand works. That’s the only important thing to consider here, right?

[M8Cool via TalkAndroid via MicGadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. They do the same thing with golf clubs. People think they are getting a cheap set of Callaways but really they are just getting a shit set of clubs. Trust me there’s a difference between good clubs and shit clubs.

  2. Yay first to post!! XD
    Dude id be the idiot to buy that for 50bucks in chinatown or some shit lmao

  3. Can’t Sprint sue these people? These knockoffs are pissing me off..

  4. stupid CHINAMAN Stop bootlegging perfectly good phones. they are sh!7 and always will be instead of bootlegging come up with your own cell phone company and phones whor3$

  5. So let me get this straight. A cheap knockoff is not running Android, a free OS, but rather Windows Mobile, a licensed (and old and crappy) OS? Genius, pure genius. How much you wanna bet the OS has been pirated?

  6. “If with the application base, with the tools that we have, with the user understanding and momentum and everything going on, we can’t compete with…whatever the weird collection of Android machines is going to look like, shame on us.” Steve Ballmer

  7. @eg2nr

    stupid CHINAMAN has build your real HTC Evo, your IPHONE, Your whatever phone / laptop.

    It is a disgrace how they blatantly produce fake products, and it is also a disgrace how you blame “stupid CHINAMAN”

  8. The speaker and flash LEDs switched sides.

  9. LOL

  10. I have a few concern with the new software update, don’t know if it’s just me or the phone itself.I used to have swipe keyboard on my HTC Evo when I had the 2.1 work flawlessly but now, with the new update 2.2 froyo, my swipe keyboard completely stop. I still can used the keyboard method by typing but not swipe my fingers across the screen. If anybody know what’s the cause of it can you please let me know. I’m so used to swipe it seem like I’m malfunction without it

  11. if i get this, can i run it on sprint? haha

  12. They even pirate internal harddrives these days. Its ridiculous

  13. haaahaaaahaaaaa, no android but run window?? bad idea..

    but good idea if this clone run android to, but for gsm simcard.. i’ll put one

  14. This stuff really pisses me off… but it’s also why my family is in business in the anti-counterfit ring. But things like this are just silly… I mean obviously if your looking for a HTC EVO you wouldn’t buy this because you know what your looking for. BUT imagine this was a perscription medication… or a medical device… or even a food product. This is almost harmless to the end user because in the end they get what they paid for… but still when their knocking off products this close it makes you weary.

    I haven’t gotten a new SD card yet for my EVO because I don’t wanna get burned on a fake one some jackbag re-labeled.

  15. I’m no lawyer, just a simple caveman, but I’m fairly certain patents are protected internationally. It’s just that the Chinese govt could care less. Additionally, our govt sure isn’t going to go after a country that’s holding its purse strings.

    So, no company outside of China can successfully sue a Chinese company for copyright, or other intellectual infringement, successfully in a Chinese court.

    Since so much is made in China, you will continue to see copies abound.

  16. That is what you have to do when you are from a culture of tyranny…you cannot create your own stuff…so you jack everyone else’s…but you still lack the expertise to pull it off completely…so you end up with an inferior product (i.e. knockoff Chinese Military equipment).

  17. @cherven:

    “I used to have swipe keyboard on my HTC Evo when I had the 2.1 work flawlessly but now, with the new update 2.2 froyo, my swipe keyboard completely stop.”

    That happened to me, too, when I got FroYo on my Nexus One. Uninstalling and reinstalling Swype fixed the problem for me.

  18. These people must be having fun, I envy their energy. Something good might come out of it though: now they have a team, knowledge of production and supply chain, and a working design. Looks like a young company is ready to take off, all they need is a vision.

  19. “Rets me a phone, Rock off, and then eat some flied wice.”

  20. fuck you all white trash and i hope you all got rotten in hell!!

  21. don’t forget to cover your shitty pale face (white trash) with pointed pillow case…ha!! ha!!

  22. what is the similarity between pigs and white trash — both of them have pale skin ..ha!! ha!!
    what is the difference between pigs and white trash — pigs have high IQ ..ha!! ha!!

  23. to S4V. u are a moron that think chinaman build your htc evo. HTC is a Taiwanese company and HTC is made in Taiwan. China has nothing to do with Taiwan besides business trades and threaten with 1800 pieces of missile attack. go wiki Taiwan.

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