Aug 3rd, 2010

Those of you on Three with the HTC Hero have been waiting for Android 2.1 for a good chunk of time, but it seems we’re finally about to see them deliver. an HTC Spokesman said on Three’s blog that the upgrade has been fully tested and approved. The only thing left to do is to await Google’s own green light before many of you will finally be prompted to download the update.


Three’s apologized for the delay citing the launches of other devices – like the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S – getting in the way of their upgrade plans for the Hero as they don’t have the resources that other carriers do to juggle that much at one time. Read below for their full statement.

Thanks for all your patience regarding the 2.1 update for HTC Hero. We have now tested and approved the software and this has been submitted to Google to get the final go-ahead. We’re hoping that they can push this through as quickly as possible, but we’re not clear on the timescales for this yet.

Really sorry for the delay on this update. We’ve been working really hard to approve and launch lots of handsets and updates this month including iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S, and the 2.1 update for Hero has had to queue up alongside these other big launches, particularly the Galaxy S which took a number of versions of software to get right. We’re a smaller network than some of our competitors, and while that has its advantages it also means that our testing team doesn’t have limitless resources. We’ve done our best to manage priorities, but the 2.1 Hero update hasn’t gone through testing and approvals as quickly or as smoothly as we’d have wanted – HTC did have to supply us with a couple of versions until we were satisfied it was bug free. We really wanted to get this to you for the end of July, but we’ve missed our deadline – I’m really sorry I can’t bring you better news on a Friday afternoon but at least you’re now in full possession of the facts.

Honesty is a huge thumbs up.

[Three (comments section) via EuroDroid]

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