Aug 2nd, 2010

In the latest round of Motorola Droid 2 rumors, the official training guide for the yet-to-be-released handset got lost at the corner of Verizon and Droid-Life and found itself online for the world to see. The usual that we’ve heard of is being communicated here: Swype is preinstalled as an alternate software keyboard, it’ll be coming with Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1, you will be able to use the new Mobile hotspot features found in the Motorola Droid X, it’ll have 720p HD video recording capabilities, and it’ll come with the “we-don’t-even-know-what-to-call-it-now” skin found on the Droid X.


New details include better exchange support, remote wiping and unlocking features, and the task of pushing this device as the official “replacement” for the original Droid (but who was surprised by that one?)

In other news, Verizon’s leaked word-of-existence of the phone on their site by listing it as one of their “advanced devices”. We’re not sure if this was a blunder or intentional, but it’s still up as of the time of this posting. While we can’t officially say the device exists yet (that’s why we have to use question marks and the word “rumor” so often), this is the closest thing to an announcement we’ll be getting for now.

[Thanks to Droid-Life for both finds. Head over there now for the fully gallery of images.]

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